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Hate Practice

Oh Se-hoon Act or Peter Pan Act
There was a 몋ruck-gate during the 2002 presidential election, in which then-Grand National Party (current Saenuri Party) received a truck loaded with illegal election fund worth whopping KRW 82.3 billion (approx. USD 73 million). In the aftermath of this incident, revision of...

Gender confrontation over extra points for military service
Korea is likely to be divided into two over an issue. It is not just an issue between men and women. Over this issue, mothers of sons would have different opinion from mothers of daughters and people with disabilities might think differently from those without disabilities....

Sony Pictures hurt feelings of `utmost dignity` Dec. 19, 07:18
Parliamentary election puts brake on Japan뭩 right turn Dec. 18, 03:21
How could Shin Eun-mi뭩 book become an `excellent book`? Dec. 17, 05:08
Lima declaration and new climate regime Dec. 16, 09:05
Recovery of Korea-Japan ties start from festivals Dec. 18, 03:21
Efforts to reforest bare mountains in North Korea Dec. 15, 08:13
Dark film 멮ellow Sea becomes reality Dec. 13, 08:20
멖aving No Party to Support Party in Japan Dec. 12, 04:31
Journalism of Suki Kim뭩 infiltration into North Korea Dec. 11, 06:39
NTS intelligence guru and 몉umor journal news plant chief Dec. 10, 09:16

National infrastructure facility뭩 cyber security at risk
A self-claimed 멌hairman of Anti-Nuclear Power Plant...
Oh Se-hoon Act or Peter Pan Act
There was a 몋ruck-gate during the 2002 presidential...
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