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Hate Practice

Brain-sexy man
"Brain-sexy man" is a newly coined term that is being used popularly in Korea these days. Television shows are leading the fad. Cable TV channel tvN`s "The Genius - The Rule of the Game" is a survival program, in which guests have to solve complicated problems. Hong Jin-ho, an...

Truth and lies about Hong Ga-hye
Hong Ga-hye, a woman who was arrested for giving an interview based on false information on the Sewol ferry accident, became an impersonator of a civilian diver when she gave a positive answer to a television script writer who asked if she was one. Hong said she was a civilian...

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S. Korean military must protect the nation with spirit of Taegeuk warriors
Taegeukgi, the national flag of South Korea, will be...
Brain-sexy man
"Brain-sexy man" is a newly coined term that is being...
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