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Hate Practice

`Red mountains` near the Tumen River
The Tumen River is a border separating North Korea뭩 North Hamgyeong Province and China뭩 Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in Jilin Province. When you leave Yanji, the center of Yanbian, via Longjing, for Tumen, you will see the Tumen River on your right side and North Korea...

Seven offerings from heart
Myanmar is a Buddhist nation that many Buddhists around the world visit for pilgrimage to the holy land. One of the nation뭩 three golden treasures is the Mahamuni Buddha statue. The statue뭩 entire body except for the face is covered with many layers of golden leaves, which...

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The Eurasian railway and Korea-China underwater tunnel
The OSJD Seoul Railway Summit and International...
`Red mountains` near the Tumen River
The Tumen River is a border separating North Korea뭩...
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