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Hate Practice

Asian Americans and the `bamboo ceiling`
The number of female winners in the 114-year history of Nobel Prize stands at just 48 people, or five percent. Even looking at only the past decade, the figure stands at just the 10 percent range. This year, however, the organization has granted award to women in medicine and...

People뭩 first wish from the politics
Having watched professional golf matches as a spectator several times, the Presidents Cup 2015 held in Incheon was a special experience for me. It was more like a festival where the game was played between the world뭩 strongest U.S. and International Teams, not as an individual...

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Can education ministry properly publish state history textbooks after sloppy review?
If the Park Geun-hye administration can implement its...
Asian Americans and the `bamboo ceiling`
The number of female winners in the 114-year history...
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