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Hate Practice

A nation expelling businesses
A chairman of a big Korean company received great hospitality during his business trip to Vietnam as if he were a guest of the state. The Vietnamese authority let the chairman and his entourage pass the immigration without inspection. Local police cars led the chairman뭩 vehicle...

Saenuri leader calls for nominating PM from Jeolla region
밒 have a suggestion: If the current Prime Minister Lee Wan-koo is replaced, please nominate a person from the Jeolla provinces as Prime Minister, said ruling Saenuri Party Chairman Kim Moo-sung on Thursday. The calling for nominating Prime Minister from Jeolla provinces came...

Christmas tree-shaped tower Aegibong with the light off Dec. 29, 20:01
Ssangyong Tivoli and Lee Hyori뭩 bikini dance Dec. 27, 01:42
South Koreans` pride and prejudice toward Russia Dec. 27, 02:00
How to confront manspreaders in subway Dec. 25, 06:45
Why did pro-Park faction veto the appointment of think tank head? Dec. 24, 08:44
A group that takes a deer and calls it a horse Dec. 23, 07:30
Oh Se-hoon Act or Peter Pan Act Dec. 22, 06:26
Gender confrontation over extra points for military service Dec. 20, 06:06
Sony Pictures hurt feelings of `utmost dignity` Dec. 19, 07:18
Parliamentary election puts brake on Japan뭩 right turn Dec. 18, 03:21

Joining rescue efforts for earthquake-stricken Nepal
A powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 hit...
A nation expelling businesses
A chairman of a big Korean company received great...
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