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Hate Practice

Paik Nak-cheong`s literature and politics
Paik Nak-cheong is considered one of the most aristocratic leftists in Korea in terms of the wealth of his family and knowledge. His father Paik Bung-je served as a high-ranking official at the Japanese Government General in Korea whose name has been added to the dictionary of...

Mark Zuckerberg뭩 paternity leave
밯hen I was sending off my child to the kindergarten by shuttle bus, I acted as if I was not on paternity leave by wearing formal suit due to concern over people뭩 attention on me. This is an account of personal experience presented by a man at a talk show for promoting...

Rest in peace, former President Kim Young-sam Nov. 23, 08:49
Korea beats Japan at 멦okyo combat` thanks to veteran player Nov. 21, 11:13
Alibaba chief`s `romance and marriage` Nov. 20, 09:20
Inheriting parents` home Nov. 19, 08:55
WFP crop bags and the smile of North Korean leader Nov. 18, 11:46
Yuan becomes one of the three major currencies Nov. 17, 12:48
N. Korea뭩 provocations and security tourism Nov. 16, 08:50
Entertainer Jeong Hyeong-don suffers from anxiety disorder Nov. 14, 07:59
Will Korea just envy China`s rise in IT industry? Nov. 13, 07:42
Secrets of `three brothers` of South Korea, China, Japan Nov. 12, 10:15

Many tasks left by the Two-Kim era
The two former South Korean Presidents Kim Young-sam...
Paik Nak-cheong`s literature and politics
Paik Nak-cheong is considered one of the most...
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