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Hate Practice

Kim Moo-sung뭩 멪.S. over China
Kim Moo-sung, chairman of the ruling Saenuri Party, was previously examined only from the perspective of domestic politics, but he is now subject for research in diplomacy as well. This is due to his uniquely 멹riendly diplomacy with the U.S. that he has displayed while...

Ethics of a killer robot
Tony Stark, the main character of the Hollywood blockbuster "Iron Man," has built an iron man suit that automatically flies and attaches to the owner. The millionaire scientist has built intelligent robots, which can fight against enemies on behalf of human beings. These robots...

Christmas tree-shaped tower Aegibong with the light off Dec. 29, 20:01
Ssangyong Tivoli and Lee Hyori뭩 bikini dance Dec. 27, 01:42
South Koreans` pride and prejudice toward Russia Dec. 27, 02:00
How to confront manspreaders in subway Dec. 25, 06:45
Why did pro-Park faction veto the appointment of think tank head? Dec. 24, 08:44
A group that takes a deer and calls it a horse Dec. 23, 07:30
Oh Se-hoon Act or Peter Pan Act Dec. 22, 06:26
Gender confrontation over extra points for military service Dec. 20, 06:06
Sony Pictures hurt feelings of `utmost dignity` Dec. 19, 07:18
Parliamentary election puts brake on Japan뭩 right turn Dec. 18, 03:21

Why Hyundai Motor is launching an Internet bank outside Korea
Hyundai Motor Group is launching an Internet-only bank...
Kim Moo-sung뭩 멪.S. over China
Kim Moo-sung, chairman of the ruling Saenuri Party,...
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