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Hate Practice
70 Sewol victim families staged overnight sit-in protest at downtown Seoul

Gwanghwamun, the front gate of Gyeongbok Palace that attracts many tourists and visitors in usual times has been shut down for an entire day on Apr. 17 as Sewol ferry victim families and civic group members staged overnight sit-in protest in front of the gate. The protesters we...
Marking the first anniversary of the ferry disaster

Seoul to improve traffic near Seoul Station for public park project
The Seoul Metropolitan Government has drawn measures to improve traffic flows in accordance with a project to turn the elevated road in front of Seoul Station into a...

Gov`t lifts travel ban on Japanese reporter in defamation trial
Travel ban on Tatsuya Kato, former Seoul bureau chief of Japan뭩 Sankei Shimbun who was indicted due to the slander charge for raising suspicion over President Park...

Crime victims to receive written notification of their rights
Starting from Thursday, victims of crime will receive a written notification of information of their rights and support systems from prosecutors and police. ...

One of 2 people in rural areas aged 60 or older Apr. 18, 07:23
50% discount for parents visiting Lotte World earlier after work Dec. 27, 00:54
Distrust of tap water high, despite similar preferences in blind taste test Dec. 23, 06:34
Public service charges to rise in 2015 Dec. 22, 06:45
Korean War Memorial Park to be built in Gangwon Province Dec. 20, 08:05
Female soldiers seem reluctant to report sexual abuse crimes Dec. 19, 05:32
멭i Jinping book collection to arrive at SNU in early next year Dec. 18, 06:27
Mother, daughter reunite after 40 years of separation Dec. 17, 03:27
Korean Air aggravates nut incident in attempts to conceal truth Dec. 16, 08:20
Burglar in his 60s gets caught wearing women뭩 underwear Dec. 15, 06:40

Social conflict provoked by those who utilize bereaved families grief
The central Seoul was dotted with demonstrations on...
Two Haruki`s theory of repeated apologies
"Between a high, solid wall and an egg that breaks...
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