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Hate Practice
Joint Korean entrance at Asian Games is unlikely

The moving scene of the athletes from both Koreas entering the 17th Incheon Asian Games opening ceremony together on Sept.19 will likely not happen. Incheon Mayor Yoo Jeong-bok, 57, said in a joint interview on Thursday with The Dong-A Ilbo and the Asahi Shimbun on the question...
Helicopter crash kills 5 rescue workers

2 KTU teachers disciplined for denying return to school
The North Gyeongsang Provincial Office of Education imposed heavy punishment of "one-month job suspension" to two full-time leaders of the Korean Teachers and Education...

Former Jeju chief prosecutor admits obscene public acts
The Jeju Special Self-Governing Provincial Police Agency said Friday that the National Institute of Scientific Investigation confirmed that a man caught masturbating in...

Father of the Sewol victim vows to take legal action
Kim Yeong-oh, father of ferry Sewol sinking victim Kim Yu-min, is on hunger strike for the 44th day on Tuesday demanding for legislation of special Sewol law. He hinted...

Fake monk arrested on fraud charges Aug. 22, 03:30
A college admission scam victimizes athlete students Aug. 21, 04:30
Gov. Nam`s son investigated for harassing subordinates in Army Aug. 18, 03:43
Education ministry mulls disciplinary actions against KTU staff Aug. 20, 05:03
Five more sinkholes found at Seokchon Underpass in Seoul Aug. 19, 01:09
What gifts will be presented to the Pontiff? Aug. 15, 03:28
Forensic researchers conclude Sewol owner died before June 2 Aug. 16, 03:29
Seoul, Washington to seize assets of ferry owner`s son Aug. 14, 02:58
Korean Catholic Church prepares to protect Pope`s health Aug. 14, 04:30
Young N. Korean defectors visit former comfort women Aug. 13, 05:49

Realty market rebound needed for people뭩 livelihoods, economy
The realty market that has been in a deep slump for...
China`s fake products
Samsung Electronics` Galaxy S5 smartphone sells at...
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