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Hate Practice
Good examples to repel voice phishing scams

밒t makes no sense. Are you really a police officer? Korea뭩 Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) and the National Police Agency (NPA), which recently have released some recordings of actual voice phishing frauds on the Internet, disclosed good examples to fend off voice phishin...
Garden protects 몉epository of ecosystem Suncheon Bay

Joseon painting designated as tangible asset by Seoul
Seoul City has designated the Danguseungyudo (photo), drawn by painter Choi Book (1712-1760) from the late Joseon Dynasty, as the tangible cultural asset. Choi is widely...

Phone scammers found guilty of creating crime syndicate
A local court handed down jail terms to a group of financial scammers found guilty of voice phishing, or theft of personal financial information and money from...

Seoul ward names road after Korea`s first Supreme Court chief justice
A road in Seoul will be dedicated to Kim Byeong-ro (1887-1964), an independence fighter during the colonial era and the first chief justice at South Korea`s Supreme...

Seoul City seeks most beautiful buildings Aug. 12, 07:40
Korean team wins top prize at 멖ackers World Cup for first time Aug. 11, 07:17
Concert to be held in commemoration of memorial day for comfort women Aug. 10, 07:21
Better performing civil servants to receive up to 50% more bonus Aug. 08, 07:21
Bill introduced in parliament to make seat belt wearing mandatory Aug. 07, 07:19
Police, Facebook send out amber alert to find lost children Aug. 06, 07:19
Technology allows control of things in virtual reality Aug. 05, 07:22
Wife of Korean diplomat in Rwanda dies of endemic disease Aug. 04, 07:20
Korean Air flight stops on runway; passengers stranded for 90 minutes Aug. 03, 07:17
`Have a phone conversation with your son during military service` Aug. 01, 07:20

Park should mediate between Chinese, U.S. leaders in NK nuclear solution
Sydney Seiler, the U.S. special envoy for the...
Filial duty law
William Shakespeare`s "King Lear" deals with a filial...
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