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Hate Practice
Korea, China to jointly explore Mt. Baekdu for possible eruption

Geologists from Korea and China will jointly carry out on-site exploration of Mount Baekdu to prepare for its possible eruption. The two parties met on March 23 and 24 in Jeju Island and agreed to dig with drilling facility 10 kilometers down into the earth to closely examine the...
A NK defector engages in voluntary work supporting elderly people

Police to introduce uniforms with the Korean national flag
Police is set to introduce uniforms with the Korean national flag, following suit of the military. 밯e are positively considering attaching Taegeukgi on police...

Public utility charges increase across the nation
Public utility charges such as water supply and sewage fees, bus and subway fares are on the rise. Prices of products that are closely related to daily life such as...

Workers at arms trading powerhouse hid documents on corruptions in military procurement
The government`s joint investigation team into corruptions in military procurement projects has sought arrest warrants for two company executive and employee, including...

50% discount for parents visiting Lotte World earlier after work Dec. 27, 00:54
Distrust of tap water high, despite similar preferences in blind taste test Dec. 23, 06:34
Public service charges to rise in 2015 Dec. 22, 06:45
Korean War Memorial Park to be built in Gangwon Province Dec. 20, 08:05
Female soldiers seem reluctant to report sexual abuse crimes Dec. 19, 05:32
멭i Jinping book collection to arrive at SNU in early next year Dec. 18, 06:27
Mother, daughter reunite after 40 years of separation Dec. 17, 03:27
Korean Air aggravates nut incident in attempts to conceal truth Dec. 16, 08:20
Burglar in his 60s gets caught wearing women뭩 underwear Dec. 15, 06:40
Gov뭪 mulls expanding smoking ban in addition to price hike Dec. 13, 07:43

Privileged labor unions take away jobs for young people
The deadline for negotiations among the...
Cha Du-ri뭩 `too big father`
It was impressive to see a man who was embracing his...
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