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Hate Practice
Korean Air flight stops on runway; passengers stranded for 90 minutes

A Korean Air flight made a sudden stop while speeding up on the runway for takeoff, which delayed its takeoff for one hour and 31 minutes. Passengers were only informed through an in-flight announcement that the flight was under inspection and repair, and that they had to stay an...
`Have a phone conversation with your son during military service`

Bank robber turned out to be SNU-graduated former teacher
It has belatedly turned out that the accused thief of MG Community Credit Cooperatives in Seocho-gu, Seoul on July 20 used to be a teacher who graduated from Seoul...

CEO of Korea`s top tobacco company resigns amid slush fund investigation
Min Young-jin, the CEO of KT&G, Korea`s largest tobacco maker, has offered to resign Wednesday, with seven months left in his term. KT&G said that Min offered to resign...

Closure of a local burger place loved by Korea University students
There is an unforgettable place for Park Sang-hyeok, who graduated from Korea University in 2012, which reminds him of memories from college. It is "Yeongcheol Burger,"...

One of 2 people in rural areas aged 60 or older Apr. 18, 07:23
50% discount for parents visiting Lotte World earlier after work Dec. 27, 00:54
Distrust of tap water high, despite similar preferences in blind taste test Dec. 23, 06:34
Public service charges to rise in 2015 Dec. 22, 06:45
Korean War Memorial Park to be built in Gangwon Province Dec. 20, 08:05
Female soldiers seem reluctant to report sexual abuse crimes Dec. 19, 05:32
멭i Jinping book collection to arrive at SNU in early next year Dec. 18, 06:27
Mother, daughter reunite after 40 years of separation Dec. 17, 03:27
Korean Air aggravates nut incident in attempts to conceal truth Dec. 16, 08:20
Burglar in his 60s gets caught wearing women뭩 underwear Dec. 15, 06:40

Economic leadership is hoped for Pres. Park in commemoration of 70th independence year
This August marks the 70th anniversary of Korea뭩...
Artisan뭩 spirit in mother-of-pearl inlays from Goryeo and Hermes Birkin bags
In the American drama "Sex and The City," there was an...
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