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Hate Practice
Teary-eyed funerals for Pangyo concert victims

The black mourning dragged along the ground wet with rain. "When will daddy wake up?" asked a girl to her grandfather who looked at her some time in silence. The child, with eyes wide open, looked alternately at her mother and grandfather whose faces were red and trembling, and t...
Seoul education office to announce autonomous schools to be exited

Gov`t mulls over 3.8% pay raise for state employees
Employees at state-run organizations will likely see their salary increase 3.8 percent year-on-year next year, which is the biggest rise in four years. The government...

Illegal hiring scandal results in museum chief losing job
Chung Hyung-min, director of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, has been relieved of office on Wednesday owing to allegations of illegal hiring. This is...

Gov`t to investigate sexual crimes against female soldiers
The Defense Ministry will launch investigation on the state of sexual assault crimes against female soldiers. A survey will be conducted of all female soldiers on...

U.S. court accepts sales ban of properties owned by Yoo family Oct. 14, 00:04
S. Korea`s largest shopping mall opens without major issues Oct. 15, 06:15
Court rules late actress was forced into sexual service Oct. 13, 02:57
General arrested for sexually assauling female sergeant Oct. 11, 04:45
Prosecutors demand prison sentences for Yoo`s eldest son and aides Oct. 09, 04:50
Car running into a street stall kills 2, injures 9 Oct. 10, 03:09
National Assembly speaker gives first aid to a baby while in flight Oct. 07, 01:11
Armed traffic police to move to emergency mobilization Oct. 08, 04:55
Police officer who injured on the job dies after 13-year coma Oct. 04, 04:00
Romanians caught after buying luxury goods with fake credit cards Oct. 01, 06:08

Suspicion of corruption involving poor-quality weapons
Against North Korea뭩 nuclear weapon and missiles,...
Korean relief pitcher heats up Japanese pro baseball
Japan뭩 Kansai region, including Osaka and Kobe, is...
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