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Hate Practice
Zero budget for free high school education and elementary school care class

No budget was set aside for free education at high schools, care class for elementary students and Nuri Education (childcare and education for toddlers aged 3 up to 5), which were major election pledges of President Park Geun-hye. Even worse, local education subsidy that accounts...
Seoul education office to announce autonomous schools to be exited

Superstitious thief wears women`s underwear to avoid arrest
An unusual burglar was caught trying to rob a house in Shillim-dong in southern Seoul on Tuesday evening last week. Police found that the thief, 47, identified only as...

Human rights commission launches mitary human rights team
National Human Rights Commission announced on Sep. 16 that 멝ilitary Human Right Team, a designated team to investigate, rescue and prevent human right violation in the...

Korea뭩 suicide, stomach cancer, traffic death rates remain top among OECD
Korea뭩 death rates from suicide, stomach cancer and traffic accident remain top among the OECD member countries. According to the recent report on "Death Rate per...

Sex doll mistaken as female corpse Sep. 16, 05:32
Prosecution to collectively indict 3 lawmakers for corruption charges Sep. 12, 22:28
Human excreta used to protest neighbors noise Sep. 15, 03:44
Seoul education office names 8 elite high schools to lose status Sep. 05, 05:33
Men arrested for forging bank payment guarantee documents Sep. 11, 22:46
Incheon retries adding Ganghwa remains to UNESCO cultural heritage Sep. 11, 06:06
Joint Korean entrance at Asian Games is unlikely Sep. 01, 06:28
Autonomous school parents call for resignation of Seoul superintendent Sep. 04, 06:43
English afterschool courses allowed for 1st, 2nd graders Sep. 03, 04:01
2 KTU teachers disciplined for denying return to school Aug. 30, 05:23

Festival for a brighter future for Asia
An athlete jumps in the air and kicks a ball for a...
Minister뭩 mention of National Assembly dismissal
밣olitical confusion is deepening in Korea. The...
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