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Hate Practice
WSJ: 멚orea overcomes preference for boys through education

With imbalance in male and female populationsserious worldwide, the world is paying attention to the secret of how Koreaachieved a balance of populations between the two genders. In a report entitled 밃sia Struggles fora Solution to Its 멝issing Women Problem: How South Korea ...
Mt. Seorak`s Towangseong Falls is open to public in 45 years

13 areas selected for urban regeneration in Seoul
13 places in Seoul have been selected for urban regeneration and revitalization and will be transformed soon. The selected places include the Seoul Station area, Sewoon...

Drinking tap water can save $1.75 billion of social costs, say experts
The biggest benefit of drinking tap water is its cost effectiveness. The quality and taste of tap water are not inferior to plastic bottled water or water dispensers and...

Supreme Court upholds life sentence against Sewol captain
On Thursday when the national college entrance exam of in Korea took place, the Supreme Court upheld the life sentence to Lee Jun-seok (70), the captain of the ferry...

Baseball commentator Ha Il-sung charged with fraud Nov. 12, 10:39
Korean researchers discover 12.8 billion-year-old black hole Nov. 10, 08:40
Korea, Japan seek to add Korean Mission to Japan on UNESCO heritage Nov. 09, 08:46
Lead author of state-issued history textbook quits on sexual harassment scandal Nov. 07, 09:21
Seoul, Beijing to launch an organization to reduce air pollution Nov. 05, 09:52
Employment Ministry bans sex discrimination expressions in hiring Nov. 04, 07:50
Korean food authorities deny the need to cut processed meat consumption Nov. 03, 07:40
Profile pictures with pets become popular Nov. 02, 09:20
Government postpones declaring official end to MERS outbreaks Oct. 30, 08:57
The first case of AB phenotype mutation found Oct. 21, 10:24

Vice-ministerial talks cannot be a strong driving force behind peaceful reunification
The two Koreas agreed on Wednesday that they would...
Sound patients with sound doctors
It turned out that the cause of collective outbreak of...
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