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Hate Practice
Seoul to provide school buses for 33 elementary schools

Yongsan Elementary School in central Seoul is surrounded by a railroad and a soon-to-be-removed elevated road. The situation is potentially dangerous to most of its students who have to cross the railroad on their way to school or back home. However, there is no alternative for t...
Man caught for hoarding 3,171 packs of tobacco before price hike

Former STX chairman partially admits bribery allegation
The government`s investigation team on defense business corruption summoned former STX Chairman Kang Duk-soo (currently in jail), while probing into a case that former...

Korean college student shot in the Philippines
A Korean college student temporarily studying English in the Philippines was severely injured after an unidentified armed man shot him. According to the Korean Embassy...

PM nominee to accept open validation for his son if necessary
As for growing suspicion over his second son뭩 military service exemption, Prime Minister nominee Lee Wan-koo said, 밒f necessary, I will accept any measures to be taken...

50% discount for parents visiting Lotte World earlier after work Dec. 27, 00:54
Distrust of tap water high, despite similar preferences in blind taste test Dec. 23, 06:34
Public service charges to rise in 2015 Dec. 22, 06:45
Korean War Memorial Park to be built in Gangwon Province Dec. 20, 08:05
Female soldiers seem reluctant to report sexual abuse crimes Dec. 19, 05:32
멭i Jinping book collection to arrive at SNU in early next year Dec. 18, 06:27
Mother, daughter reunite after 40 years of separation Dec. 17, 03:27
Korean Air aggravates nut incident in attempts to conceal truth Dec. 16, 08:20
Burglar in his 60s gets caught wearing women뭩 underwear Dec. 15, 06:40
Gov뭪 mulls expanding smoking ban in addition to price hike Dec. 13, 07:43

How could Korean military get out of sexual crimes and corruption scandals?
A series of sexual crimes and defense industry...
Stielike leadership
Sir Alex Ferguson, 74, of Britain is a familiar name...
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