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Hate Practice
Seoul mayor proposes to create a community among Northeast Asian cities

밒f I walk on the streets of Mongolia, everybody will mistake me for a Mongolian. Cities in Northeast Asia, which have similar race, history and culture, should join hands together going beyond borders of nations, said Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon, proposing to create a community o...
Korean researcher solves 60-year-old puzzle of biological clock through math

Volkswagen faces lawsuits and penalties
The Korean government will take disciplinary action against Volkswagen after completing test on its four car models` exhaust emissions in early November. Two years are...

Murder suspect Kim Il-gon planned kidnapping for three months
It turned out that Kim Il-gon, 48, the murder suspect who hid the body of the victim in the trunk of an SUV, had planned the kidnapping three months before. Seongdong...

19-story hotel to be constructed next to KEPCO site in Samseong-dong
A 19-story hotel is to be constructed next to the site of Korea Electric Power Corp., in Samseong-dong of Gangnam District, Seoul. Seoul City뭩 Joint Committee of...

Endangered bird habitats found off southern coast Sep. 24, 07:07
U.N. office on N. Korean human rights signs lease contract with Seoul Sep. 23, 06:57
Tracing back 3,500 kilometers to home country Sep. 19, 07:03
CCTV brings down 5 violent crimes in school zones and parks Sep. 18, 07:13
Dead female body found in car trunk, raises superstore parking fear Sep. 17, 08:13
Real-name street vendor system to debut Sep. 15, 07:57
Grenade accident kills one Army soldier dead, 2 wounded in Daegu Sep. 12, 08:16
Supreme Court reverses appellate verdict against CJ뭩 chairman Sep. 11, 07:12
500 family reunion candidates selected Sep. 10, 07:16
Seoul Phil`s chief conductor Chung visits Seoul Metropolitan Council Sep. 08, 07:21

Seoul Metro allegedly being hacked by North Korea
It was revealed that a North Korean cyber terrorist...
Problems with `foreign nationality Koreans`
A dead body is found in Nowon District in northern...
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