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Hate Practice
Families of missing people face nervous wait after ferry disaster

Rain began to fall from the cloudy sky in the morning. Around 200 family members of missing passengers arrived at port Paengmok at 8 p.m. Wednesday when the Sewol ferry capsized off the island of Jindo, South Jeolla Province. Most of them stood up all night. 밆ad뭩 here! Dad뭩 ...
President visits sites of rescue

A crewwoman sacrifices herself in the sinking ferry
"The crewwoman dressed us with life vests and set us in ease. It is so sad that she failed to escape." Around 9 a.m. Wednesday, when the ferry "Sewol" sank off Korea`s...

New malicious code breaches double security system
The government has adopted a multiple authorization process for transactions transferring over 1 million won in order to prevent financial fraud in electronic banking....

A forest heals both body and mind
밠y mother who had been in depression after suffering a cerebral infarction was healed in forests. Nature brought her back to normal life. This is an excerpt of the...

N. Koreans cut off trees for crops Apr. 14, 03:32
97 children dead due to child abuse over past 12 years Apr. 12, 05:29
Teenagers want to stand out but don`t want to be different Apr. 09, 22:27
Infamous Mt. Mudeung robber turns to 몆etty thief Apr. 15, 05:10
Wall paintings instill new life into `Ant Village` Apr. 11, 05:31
밫he Avengers: Age of Ultron filmed in Seoul뭩 Gangnam Apr. 07, 03:03
Police to form exclusive teams to deal with protesters` noise Apr. 08, 02:45
Korean Peninsula faces looming dust storm amid China`s worst drought Apr. 05, 04:58
Avengers 2 staff fails to show courtesy to citizens Apr. 03, 01:14
S. Korean islanders seek shelter amid exchange of artillery fire Apr. 02, 00:48

All Koreans are crying with the bereaved families
They went on a field trip to Jeju Island and have not...
Westerners view on sunken ferry Sewol
I first heard the tragic news on the sinking of Korean...
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