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Hate Practice
Erroneous Korean SAT question likely to cause damages lawsuits

Students victimized by the problem and education officials have welcomed the court decision ruling that a world geography question in last year`s state-administered university entrance examination was faulty. "Thinking about the students who lost one year because of the erroneo...
Seoul education office to announce autonomous schools to be exited

Single elderly man dies, leaving food money for caretakers
A 68-year-old single man was found hung dead on Wednesday in his home in eastern Seoul where police officers who went to the scene found a cash of 100,000 won (94 U.S....

Child porn distributors nabbed
The police have cracked down on multiple people who distributed or owned child pornography in a collaborative investigation with the Homeland Security Institute (HSI). ...

Korea to import Ebola drugs from Japan
The South Korean government has decided to bring in Ebola treatment drugs if a disease suspect is detected. The Health and Welfare Ministry said Wednesday said, "We made...

Con artists defraud man by promising to 멲ttract Imelda뭩 slush funds Oct. 29, 05:08
멇nti-corruption education sidelined in school curricula Oct. 28, 07:46
Mercury-containing cosmetics from China sold in Korea Oct. 27, 04:36
Sewol missing victims families hint at salvage Oct. 25, 04:36
Court rejects appeal from former president`s family Oct. 24, 06:41
Teary-eyed funerals for Pangyo concert victims Oct. 21, 03:07
Official for Gyeonggi superintendent investigated under bribery suspicion Oct. 22, 04:03
Gov`t mulls over 3.8% pay raise for state employees Oct. 20, 04:52
Illegal hiring scandal results in museum chief losing job Oct. 17, 02:31
Gov`t to investigate sexual crimes against female soldiers Oct. 16, 07:04

3 Sewol disaster bills passed; time to return normality
The ruling and opposition parties approved yesterday,...
Dutch king`s remarks on history in Japan
King of Netherlands Remarks on History When hearing...
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