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Hate Practice
Star triplets hog the limelight at calendar sales

Calendar with pictures of star triplets from KBS2 멣uperman Comes Back are in great demand around Christmas at the year end. Local e-commerce site Auction said, 밫he triplets calendar, which has been on sale by...

Kim Jong Un flick earnings surpass $15 mil. for 4 days
The comedy film 밫he Interview, depicting the assassination of Kim Jong-un, First Secretary of the Workers` Party of [North] Korea, has earned 15 million dollars on...

Domestic diversity film attracts record audience of 3.44 mil.
The documentary 밠y Love, Don뭪 Cross That River has placed top in box office results in the history of diversity films. 밅reative Communication SKY which handles the...

Singer Lee Hyeon-woo holds exhibition of paintings
밒f a popular actor releases a music album, singers would not necessarily welcome. Because I am a singer, I would have fairly significant positive effect for holding an...

Poet Seo Jeong-joo뭩 prose with the motif of `A Bride` found Dec. 17, 04:42
Facilities use surges by 70% on the 묭ay of Culture Dec. 18, 04:18
Why was Mozart kicked in the ass? Dec. 16, 09:06
History of kissing in movies reported by NY Times Dec. 15, 08:29
Channel A wins major prize at the Asian TV Awards Dec. 13, 08:57
A look at airliner뭩 manual providing detailed code of acts Dec. 13, 01:05
Chinese military officer뭩 poem commemorating Korean patriot Dec. 12, 02:46
Prof. Sandel becomes honorary Seoul citizen Dec. 06, 08:19
Crowds gather to see `Centennial Debate between 2 Michaels` Dec. 04, 05:20
Cultural heritage institute releases excavation report of Haman Fortress Dec. 01, 12:41

UN Secretary General ridiculed Kim Jong Un뭩 capricious leadership
North Korea called off the visit by UN Secretary...
Hashima coal mine and the condition to be world heritage
President Park Geun-hye didn뭪 attend the opening...
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