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Hate Practice
Beautiful communion with orphaned elephant

This photo of Daphne Sheldrick, author of Love, Life, and Elephants: An African Love Story, and African elephant Olmec was taken in 1989. When the one-month-old elephant rescued at a national park in Kenya in 1987,...

Korean catholic community celebrates the new cardinal
밣lease take a seat here in the middle. (Cardinal Yeom Soo-jung) 밡o, it뭩 for you. (Cardinal Cheong Jin-seok) 밫hen, it뭩 a seat for Jesus. (Cardinal Yeom) The...

Princess movies
Bechdel Test was created by an American cartoonist Alison Bechdel to calculate the number of male-oriented movies made in the 1980s. The test is a means of...

`Treat people with the tenderness of spring breeze`
Entering the new year, Dong-A Ilbo selected 밓eobinchunpung (接人春風), meaning treat others with the tenderness of spring breeze, as a maxim of...

Maestro Chung Myung-whun releases first-ever piano album Dec. 24, 22:48
Life philosophy of a 20-year-old: `I write, therefore I am` Dec. 06, 23:07
멐nglishman promotes Korean culture on London streets Nov. 25, 05:00
Young Canadian-Kiwi writer wins British literature award Nov. 23, 08:05
Japan to cremate emperor after his passing Nov. 16, 00:56
`Hahoe, Yangdong villages selected as best model of UNESCO World Heritage` Nov. 08, 07:15
Author of `Gilead` talks about Korean novelist, her works Oct. 26, 02:54
A gilt Goryeo Buddhist painting returns home in 500 years Oct. 21, 23:47
DreamWorks` Katzenberg meets with Korean aspiring animators Oct. 19, 08:21
Designer couple`s dresses dominate red carpets Oct. 12, 03:02

All Koreans are crying with the bereaved families
They went on a field trip to Jeju Island and have not...
Survivors guilt
A German officer forces Sophie to choose to save...
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