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Hate Practice
9th London Korean Film Festival opens in London

The 9th London Korean Film Festival opens Wednesday (local time) at Leicester Square in London. The event will present 55 movies with "Kundo: Age of the Rampant" directed by Yoon Jong-bin offered for the opening gala...

Korean drama sold to China at record high of $3.2 million
밠y Lovely Girl, a new Korean television series to be aired by SBS, a major broadcasting network, on Sept. 17, has been sold at the record price of 200,000 U.S....

멢oaring Currents poised to top 10 million viewers on Sunday
The movie 밨oaring Currents is poised to top 10 million in box office sales on Sunday, 12th day after its release. This represents nine days shorter than the record set...

A hit movie boosts sales of books on Adm. Yi Sun-shin
A box office hit 밨oaring Currents is spurring the sales of books on a 16-century admiral. Kyobo Book Center, Korea뭩 largest bookstore, said the number of books sold...

E-book market is dominated by 멇dults Only rated romance novels May 12, 03:44
Queen to meet Korean fans in August Apr. 03, 01:01
Album of unheard Michael Jackson songs to be released Apr. 02, 02:48
Channel A뭩 docu-film advances to finals of WorldFest-Houston Festival Apr. 01, 07:45
A famous award winning writer publishes a novel under pen name Mar. 26, 01:33
New machos dominate TV programs Mar. 25, 00:10
New cardinal highlights peace on Korean Peninsula Feb. 26, 04:14
Location of compatriot Yoon뭩 residence in China discovered Feb. 24, 08:05
Beautiful communion with orphaned elephant Feb. 15, 02:06
Studies change conventional knowledge on dinosaurs Feb. 28, 02:49

National Assembly should pass N.K. human rights bill
The ruling Saenuri Party and the main opposition New...
Korea`s ecology institute names tracking path after Jane Goodall
"Ecobrity" is a newly coined term to call celebrities...
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