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Hate Practice
Former finance group president appointed to head Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra

Choi Heung-sik, 62, the former President of Hana Financial Group, was appointed chief executive of the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra which has been vacant for the last six months. 밅hoi has deep understanding on the...

How cool-biz style has changed in Korea
멬earing jeans at the workplace would be okay, only if they look neat (from lyrics of 멏ance with DJ DOC sung by K-pop group DJ DOC). In 1997 when DJ DOC released this...

Klimt뭩 Portrait of Gertrud Loew for $282 million at Sotheby`s
Major foreign media reported that a portrait of Gustav Klimt (1862-1918), one of the prominent painter in the 20th century, sold for 24.8 pounds (approx. 43.2 billion...

Pope visits protestant church to ask pardon for past prosecution
Pope Francis continues to practice humble leadership by visiting and delivering messages to the youth, homeless and inmates in Turin. According to AP on Monday, Francis...

How to build up your body 5 tips from Mister Korea Apr. 25, 07:24
`Wonderful, K-fashion,` says legendary fashion icon Fern Mallis Feb. 16, 08:07
Poet Seo Jeong-joo뭩 prose with the motif of `A Bride` found Dec. 17, 04:42
Facilities use surges by 70% on the 묭ay of Culture Dec. 18, 04:18
Why was Mozart kicked in the ass? Dec. 16, 09:06
History of kissing in movies reported by NY Times Dec. 15, 08:29
Channel A wins major prize at the Asian TV Awards Dec. 13, 08:57
A look at airliner뭩 manual providing detailed code of acts Dec. 13, 01:05
Chinese military officer뭩 poem commemorating Korean patriot Dec. 12, 02:46
Prof. Sandel becomes honorary Seoul citizen Dec. 06, 08:19

Online real name system should be respencted during election period
The Legislative Subcommittee under the National...
Park Geun-ryeong risk
The Sun, a British tabloid, recently attracted...
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