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Hate Practice
Singer Lee Hyeon-woo holds exhibition of paintings

밒f a popular actor releases a music album, singers would not necessarily welcome. Because I am a singer, I would have fairly significant positive effect for holding an exhibition of paintings. Hence, I should accept...

Poet Seo Jeong-joo뭩 prose with the motif of `A Bride` found
Seo Jeong-joo (1915-2000)뭩 prose with the motif of his poem 밃 Bride has been found. The poem is part of the late poet뭩 collection of poems titled 밫he Myth of...

Facilities use surges by 70% on the 묭ay of Culture
What achievements have the government`s culture policy made this year? The Culture, Sports and Tourism Ministry complied and announced achievements in various fields on...

Why was Mozart kicked in the ass?
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was kicked in the butt at 25 in June 1781. At the command of Archbishop Colloredo, the ruler of Salzburg, he was literally 뱆icked in the butt...

History of kissing in movies reported by NY Times Dec. 15, 08:29
Channel A wins major prize at the Asian TV Awards Dec. 13, 08:57
A look at airliner뭩 manual providing detailed code of acts Dec. 13, 01:05
Chinese military officer뭩 poem commemorating Korean patriot Dec. 12, 02:46
Prof. Sandel becomes honorary Seoul citizen Dec. 06, 08:19
Crowds gather to see `Centennial Debate between 2 Michaels` Dec. 04, 05:20
Cultural heritage institute releases excavation report of Haman Fortress Dec. 01, 12:41
Maestro Mariss Jansons to perform in Seoul next week Nov. 14, 04:15
Big hit of comic book thanks to TV series popularity and new book price system Nov. 17, 07:56
Stalin blasted as 멳arbarian by musician Dmitri Shostakovich Nov. 18, 07:01

National infrastructure facility뭩 cyber security at risk
A self-claimed 멌hairman of Anti-Nuclear Power Plant...
Oh Se-hoon Act or Peter Pan Act
There was a 몋ruck-gate during the 2002 presidential...
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