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Hate Practice
Have You Ever Done Document Approval Through Your Cell Phone?

Without going inside one뭩 company, it is possible to check e-mail through accessing the Internet from a cellular phone. Also, one can cope with accumulated documents, which require approval, outside the office. Mobile phones are serving as personal computers (PCs), thanks to m...

Farewell to TV As We Know It
Using the Internet on TV- Diboss, a company specializing in LCD TVs, has released 밒MTV, a device that by use of a remote control, enables the use of both the internet...

Scientific Competitiveness Ranked 19th, Seven Spots Lower Than Two Years Ago
Korea`s technological competitiveness has significantly increased, but its scientific competitiveness has dropped two years in a row. The Ministry of Science and...

The Way Digital People Live
Let뭩 see how portable devices that are now essential parts of our lives are being used. Being Cool with a Notebook Mr. Hong뭩 company converted a residential house...

Benchmark Interest Rate Frozen for 3rd Straight Month May 13, 04:45
Gov`t-set Prices of Multi-unit Homes Fell 4.6% Apr. 30, 08:48
The Dream Home Network: 밡ot Just a Dream June 10, 21:30
Don뭪 Bother Visiting the Bank May 19, 22:08
Synchronous Internet Connection, in Living Room and Bedroom Apr. 20, 21:25
Multifunctional PDA Phones Becoming Popular Apr. 18, 20:57
Digital Cameras, the Omnipotent Individual Information Appliance Mar. 30, 22:45
Use New Products and Save Money Mar. 24, 23:19
밳ahoo! Upgrades Internet Search Function Mar. 23, 23:40
Internet Banking Service To Be Available for Macintosh Mar. 16, 22:58

Why Hyundai Motor is launching an Internet bank outside Korea
Hyundai Motor Group is launching an Internet-only bank...
Kim Moo-sung뭩 멪.S. over China
Kim Moo-sung, chairman of the ruling Saenuri Party,...
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