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Hate Practice
US, EU consider deeper sanctions against Russia

The U.S. and the European Union are vowing additional sanctions against Russia, claiming that Russia deeply intervened in the shot down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. Controversy over truth behind who fired the missile is poised to gradually evolve into a showdown between th...
People mourn in front of Netherlands embassy in Kiev

Thousands of squatters evicted from World`s tallest slum
People living in what is called "the tallest slum in the world" in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas have been evicted. The Venezuelan government on Tuesday began moving...

U.N., int`l community call for `full, transparent` probe
The United Nations and the international community have strongly called for "a full, thorough and independent international investigation" into the downing of Malaysia...

Abe, former PMs hold differing views on nuclear power plant
While Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe shows strong will to restart nuclear power plants, four former prime ministers join forces together to oppose Abe뭩 pro-nuclear...

UN asks Japan to use the phrase `enforced sex slaves` July 18, 06:29
8 countries urge int`l aviation body to act on N. Korea missile launches July 16, 22:46
Chinese local government officials large graft cases unveiled July 16, 21:12
U.S. warns Japan against Abe`s possible visit to N. Korea July 16, 22:32
President Obama buys 300$ lunch after he cuts in line July 12, 03:41
Even local governments in Japan attempt to erase past wrongdoings July 14, 04:48
Chongryon chairman gives up visiting N. Korea due to lack of financing July 09, 01:08
Obama poised to face legal dispute with House Speaker July 08, 06:57
Abe mentions lifting NK sanctions on day of Korea-China summit July 04, 05:06
A comparison of messages by Obama and Xi in Korea visit July 07, 05:00

Has anything changed since the ferry disaster?
The police managed to identify the body of Yoo...
Modern poet Lee Sang뭩 love letter discovered
Lee Sang (1910∼1937), the 밾ighly talented...
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