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Hate Practice
U.S. Senate confirm‍s nomination of new envoy to S. Korea

The U.S. Senate confirmed the nomination of Mark Lippert as new U.S. ambassador to South Korea on Thursday (local time). Lippert`s nomination passed through the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in June but had been stuck in the Senate as Republicans refused to vote on his nomin...
`Scotland, we love you, please don뭪 go

Scotland rejects independence
Scotland has been frustrated in attempt to gain independence from the United Kingdom for the first time in 207 years. In a historic referendum on independence, Scots...

U.S. Senate set to vote on ambassador nominee to S. Korea
The U.S. Senate plans to hold a vote Thursday (local time) on whether to approve Mark Lippert as the new ambassador to South Korea. A diplomatic source in Washington...

Top U.S. general says ground troop deployment in Iraq possible
Top U.S. general on Tuesday hinted at the possible deployment of American ground troops in Iraq to fight Islamic extremists called ISIS or ISIL. Army Gen. Martin...

British PM: 멣cotland뭩 independence will be painful divorce Sep. 17, 05:12
Putin뭩 rumored girlfriend to head Russian media Sep. 17, 04:12
Jobs also controlled his kids smart phone use Sep. 12, 22:22
Obama approves operation to kill IS leader for first time Sep. 12, 21:54
Obama outlines plan for defeating ISIS Sep. 11, 22:43
Dad in U.S. charged with murder in son`s hot car death Sep. 06, 09:04
Japanese minister뭩 photos with neo-Nazi leader stir controversy Sep. 11, 05:58
IAEA finds signs of Yongbyon reactor`s resumed operation Sep. 06, 08:54
Japan`s new policy council chief takes right-wing stance Sep. 05, 05:51
False rumors accusing Koreans circulate in Japan뭩 SNS Sep. 03, 03:19

Festival for a brighter future for Asia
An athlete jumps in the air and kicks a ball for a...
Minister뭩 mention of National Assembly dismissal
밣olitical confusion is deepening in Korea. The...
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