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Hate Practice
Train station bombings kill 95 at Ankara peace rally

People began to gather in the square facing the central train station in the Turkish capital of Ankara at 10 a.m. on Friday, three weeks before an election, to have a peace march urging for the end of bloody clash between the Turkish government and the outlawed Kurdistan Workers ...
North Korea releases detained South Korean NYU student

Why we envy Obama`s TPP communication
A day after the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement was reached, U.S. President Barack Obama had an interview with a radio broadcaster on the free trade deal at...

British ruling party seeks to expand ideological realm
The ruling Conservative Party of the U.K. has announced that it would turn into a middle-of-the-road party by recruiting a high-profile politician from the Labor Party....

U.S. airstrike kills 19 civilians in Afghan hospital
At around 02:10 a.m. on Saturday (local time), a heavily-armed American bomber appeared over Afghanistan뭩 6th largest city of Kunduz. Causing flash in the nighttime...

N. Korea reluctant to invite foreign guests to party-founding events Oct. 02, 07:16
Japan unleashes criticism against China after losing Indonesian bullet train project Oct. 01, 07:24
Salty water flows boost hope for life in Mars Sep. 30, 07:30
U.S., China urge North Korea to keep U.N. resolutions Sep. 26, 07:58
밪erve people, not ideas,뵠Pope Francis쟴ells Cubans at쟄avana Mass Sep. 22, 06:59
밢ctober remains a possibility for interest rate hike, said the U.S. Fed Sep. 19, 07:03
8.3-magnitude earthquake hits Chile Sep. 18, 07:13
China`s state media vocally criticize N. Korean nuclear threat Sep. 17, 07:01
Businessman-turned politician Malcolm Turnbull becomes Australia뭩 new prime minister Sep. 16, 09:31
Germany imposes border controls over refugee surge Sep. 15, 07:34

Can education ministry properly publish state history textbooks after sloppy review?
If the Park Geun-hye administration can implement its...
Asian Americans and the `bamboo ceiling`
The number of female winners in the 114-year history...
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