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Hate Practice
N. K. delegates, refugees argue over concentration camps

"There is no such thing as a concentration camp for political prisoners. It is a lie." (North Korean delegates) "The fact that I spent 28 years there is the clear evidence." (North Korean refugee) North Korean diplomats waged a verbal battle on Wednesday (local time) with Citi...
Battle over N. Korean human rights

Kim Jong Un`s close aide makes comeback
Since Kim Jong Un reemerged in North Korean media after 40-day disappearance recently, there are signs of change in the rankings of the North뭩 power elite. Choe Ryong...

`6-party talks can resume if N.K. halts nuclear activities`
Sydney Seiler, U.S. special envoy on the six-party talks with North Korea, said Tuesday that Washington could consider resuming the stalled six-party talks on the...

Wild fire broke out near Kim Jong Il뭩 birthplace
When a wild fire recently broke out near Milyong on Mount Baekdu, which North Korea claims to be the late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il뭩 birthplace, 60,000 residents...

멞orth뭩 new submarine spotted through satellite` Oct. 21, 03:13
S.K. Government source says N.K. leader got left knee surgery Oct. 18, 04:32
Does Ebola panic spread to Washington? Oct. 18, 04:34
N. Korean leader reappears with a cane in 40 days Oct. 15, 03:48
Lewinsky`s reappearing in public could pose problem for Hillary in 2016 Oct. 22, 04:50
Chinese leaders: `no more concession to Hong Kong protesters` Oct. 16, 06:21
Korea-born Kiwi golfer Lydia Ko among Time`s top 25 teens Oct. 15, 05:07
`White Shroud` guerillas hunt down Islamic State Oct. 15, 04:44
`This is only the beginning,` says Nobel winner Malala Oct. 13, 03:36
Fairfax County chair on sexual slavery: `It is important to admit mistakes` Oct. 16, 15:21

Highly-paid lawmakers` extortion of aides` salaries
Shin Hak-yong, a lawmaker of the main opposition New...
Facebook CEO Zuckerberg뭩 fluent Chinese
Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg뭩 fluent...
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