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Hate Practice
Solar-powered plane crosses the Pacific Ocean

A plane that is purely powered by solar energy has successfully crossed the Pacific Ocean by flying non-stop for five days. The pilot also broke the longest solo flight record. According to foreign media including the New York Times on Friday, the solar-powered plane 밪olar Imp...
Kerry sends ultimatum to Iran over nuclear agreement

World Heritage listing of Japanese industrial site requires apology
A campaign against the World Heritage listing without Japan뭩 apology has begun at the venue for UNESCO World Heritage Committee, which discusses on listing of Japan뭩...

Britain`s Schindler who saved 669 children from Nazis dies at 106
Nicholas Winton, often called Britain`s Schindler for his rescue of 669 Jewish children destined for Nazi concentration camps in the former Czechoslovakia, died on...

Greek PM: 멇thens cannot repay 1.6 billion euros in IMF loans
The Greek government effectively declared default, saying that it has no capability to replay about 1.6 billion euros (17.8 billion US dollars) in loans from the...

Obama weighs tough response to NK`s hack of Sony Pictures Dec. 23, 06:44
U.N. General Assembly adopts resolution on N.K.뭩 human rights Dec. 20, 07:59
UN Security Council to introduce N.K. human rights as an agenda Dec. 17, 04:02
Sydney hostage siege likely being done by `lone wolf` Dec. 16, 08:20
Tim Cook named 멠erson of the Year by Financial Times Dec. 13, 08:06
IS propagandist on twitter found to be Indian executive Dec. 15, 07:03
Che Guevara뭩 son launches motorbike tour company in Cuba Dec. 12, 04:15
Japan뭩 history institutions to counter Abe뭩 comfort women perception Dec. 12, 04:12
Sexy Russian spy fails to seduce whistleblower Snowden Dec. 10, 08:49
Chinese soldier뭩 combat kit is worth about 2 iPhones Dec. 11, 04:06

Japan backtracks on wartime forced labor after winning UNESCO recognition
Japan has backtracked on its acknowledgment of wartime...
School closures due to MERS seen as overreaction
Closures of kindergartens, elementary and secondary...
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