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Hate Practice
U.N. General Assembly adopts resolution on N.K.뭩 human rights

The United Nations General Assembly held a plenary session at the U.N. headquarters in Manhattan, New York on Thursday, and adopted a resolution recommending "referring of the North뭩 human rights situation to the International Court of Justice" in a vote of 116 in favor, 20 agai...
U.S.-Cuba dtente leaves North Korea alone

UN Security Council to introduce N.K. human rights as an agenda
As the U.N. General Assembly is about to adopt a resolution on North Korea뭩 human rights at its plenary session, and the U.N. Security Council plans to introduce the...

Sydney hostage siege likely being done by `lone wolf`
The Sydney hostage siege occurred on Monday is likely to be carried out by a 뱇one wolf militant who follows the Islamic State. Though "lone wolves" are not members of...

Tim Cook named 멠erson of the Year by Financial Times
Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has been named the 밣erson of the Year by the British daily Financial Times. The newspaper said on Thursday, "In the three years after the death...

IS propagandist on twitter found to be Indian executive Dec. 15, 07:03
Che Guevara뭩 son launches motorbike tour company in Cuba Dec. 12, 04:15
Japan뭩 history institutions to counter Abe뭩 comfort women perception Dec. 12, 04:12
Sexy Russian spy fails to seduce whistleblower Snowden Dec. 10, 08:49
Chinese soldier뭩 combat kit is worth about 2 iPhones Dec. 11, 04:06
N. Korea releases video of 4 among 9 deported teenagers Dec. 10, 08:12
U.S. Foreign Affairs Committee chairman: `Dokdo is proper name` Dec. 08, 04:13
Facebook CEO advocates his advertising-based business model Dec. 09, 04:21
Japanese police categorizes anti-Korean group as far rightist Dec. 05, 07:55
Pope Francis sacks Swiss Guard chief for being `too strict` Dec. 05, 07:00

Court deals hard blow to destroyers of Republic of Korea
The Constitutional Court ordered the dissolution of a...
Gender confrontation over extra points for military service
Korea is likely to be divided into two over an issue....
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