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Obama offers condolences over South Korean ferry disaster

The leader of many countries around the world are expressing their condolences over a tragic ferry accident in South Korea that left nearly 300 people dead or missing. U.S. President Barack Obama on Thursday, local time, expressed condolences to the missing and their families t...
멗t is so sad`

China loses face over fumbles in search for missing Malaysian airplane
China has lost its face in its attempt to build an image as a superpower in the hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. The New York...

No evidence of forgery found in `Gospel of Jesus`s Wife`
Scientists who tested a fragment of papyrus known as the "Gospel of Jesus뭩 Wife," have concluded that it is very likely authentic. The New York Times reported Thursday...

N. Korea could conduct nuke test, says its ambassador to UN
North Korea has again threatened with "new form of nuclear test" citing the U.S. pressure against its missile and human rights issues. Holding a press conference...

`Economic system is key to reunification,` says Mexican ambassador Apr. 11, 05:40
A Columbia dental student still missing Apr. 09, 05:10
North Korea knockoffs smartphone Apr. 08, 02:35
US, Japan to work on TPP negotiations during Obama`s visit to Tokyo Apr. 04, 02:04
Japan lifts ban on weapons exports, fuels regional arms race Apr. 02, 01:49
Taiwan protesters stage 멶uel between black and white T-shirts Apr. 01, 07:44
Pres. Park sees Dresden as symbol of reunification `bonanza` Mar. 29, 02:53
Natalia Poklonskaya: `Crimean goddess` or `Putin뭩 puppet` Mar. 31, 02:28
G7 adopts Hague Declaration, excludes Russia from G8 Mar. 26, 02:08
U.S. lawmakers target N. Korean leader`s `pocketbook` Mar. 28, 04:47

All Koreans are crying with the bereaved families
They went on a field trip to Jeju Island and have not...
Westerners view on sunken ferry Sewol
I first heard the tragic news on the sinking of Korean...
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