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Hate Practice
International cartoon contest held to satire 멗S atrocities

Satirical cartoons from around the world that are satirically criticizing the Sunni extremist group, Islamic State, will be made public. The online edition of the daily Tehran Times in Iran said on Thursday that 볾ward-winning cartoons from the International Anti-DAESH satirical ...
멞.K. biggest threat to US, says Asia-Pacific commander

Secretive N. Korean agency involved in mushroom smuggling: report
Japanese police have acquired evidence that North Korea`s Office 39, a secretive government organization managing the North Korean ruling family`s funds, is involved in...

China upgrades 멶ocuments on comfort women to nation-grade historic records
China뭩 documents on comfort women (sex slaves) for the Japanese military during the Second World War have been upgraded to 몁ation-grade historic written records. ...

UNESCO: Japanese facilities not suitable to world cultural heritage purpose
Regarding the registration of Japanese modern industrial facilities, including the facility where Koreans were forcibly mobilized to, on UNESCO World Cultural Heritage,...

Obama weighs tough response to NK`s hack of Sony Pictures Dec. 23, 06:44
U.N. General Assembly adopts resolution on N.K.뭩 human rights Dec. 20, 07:59
UN Security Council to introduce N.K. human rights as an agenda Dec. 17, 04:02
Sydney hostage siege likely being done by `lone wolf` Dec. 16, 08:20
Tim Cook named 멠erson of the Year by Financial Times Dec. 13, 08:06
IS propagandist on twitter found to be Indian executive Dec. 15, 07:03
Che Guevara뭩 son launches motorbike tour company in Cuba Dec. 12, 04:15
Japan뭩 history institutions to counter Abe뭩 comfort women perception Dec. 12, 04:12
Sexy Russian spy fails to seduce whistleblower Snowden Dec. 10, 08:49
Chinese soldier뭩 combat kit is worth about 2 iPhones Dec. 11, 04:06

Seoul mayor should return Gwanghwamun Plaza to citizens
Seoul mayor Park Won-soon on Friday criticized the...
Foul stench of soccer empire FIFA
Sepp Blatter, president of FIFA, the world governing...
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