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Hate Practice
Japanese historians scold Japanese PM`s view on comfort women

Japanese history scholars confronted head-on the history distortion by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. On Oct. 30, Japanese Association for History Research announced a statement, 밒t is unshakable truth that the Japanese military was deeply involved in and implemented forced...
Battle over N. Korean human rights

Choe Ryong Hae called ahead of Hwang Pyong So: NK`s power ranking shift?
Choe Ryong Hae, secretary to North Korea`s ruling Korean Workers Party, has regained his post as a member of the party`s Political Bureau Presidium. Delivering the...

UN rights official calls for punishment of NK human right violation
Marzuki Darusman, U.N. special rapporteur on North Korea, urged on Tuesday that the U.N. Security Council should refer the country to the International Criminal Court...

Tokyo뭩 abduction inspection team visits N.K. in 10 years
The Japanese government sent a government delegation on Monday to re-examine the issue surrounding Japanese people who had been abducted to North Korea in 10 years since...

US general: 멗 believe N.K. has capacity to miniaturize nuke warhead Oct. 27, 07:16
N. K. delegates, refugees argue over concentration camps Oct. 24, 06:42
Kim Jong Un`s former aide makes a surprise comeback Oct. 25, 05:01
`6-party talks can resume if N.K. halts nuclear activities` Oct. 23, 03:23
Wild fire broke out near Kim Jong Il뭩 birthplace Oct. 23, 04:46
멞orth뭩 new submarine spotted through satellite` Oct. 21, 03:13
S.K. Government source says N.K. leader got left knee surgery Oct. 18, 04:32
Does Ebola panic spread to Washington? Oct. 18, 04:34
N. Korean leader reappears with a cane in 40 days Oct. 15, 03:48
Lewinsky`s reappearing in public could pose problem for Hillary in 2016 Oct. 22, 04:50

3 Sewol disaster bills passed; time to return normality
The ruling and opposition parties approved yesterday,...
Dutch king`s remarks on history in Japan
King of Netherlands Remarks on History When hearing...
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