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Hate Practice
U.S. officials pay 2 secretive visits to N.K. for 8 months

Ranking officials of the U.S. government paid a visit to North Korea in strict secrecy during the second half of last year, it was confirmed on Friday. The visit was taken in a way similar to U.S. officials visit by military aircraft right before the South Korea-U.S. Ulchi Freed...
1,138th rally of sex slavery

Ukraine blames Russia Army뭩 intervention as full-scale invasion
Heavily armed with tanks and armored vehicles, 1,000 Russian Military soldiers crossed the border to fight alongside pro-Russian rebels in east-southern Ukraine and the...

Korean-born adoptee named French culture minister
Fleur Pellerin (Korean name Kim Jong-sook), a Korean-born adoptee, assumed the top administrative post overseeing culture policy of France, a global cultural powerhouse,...

U.S. journalist`s mother pleas for his release
The American mother had no choice but to plea the head of the Islamic terrorist group, calling him 밹aliph, because her son뭩 life was in his hands. Shirley Sotloff...

Obama administration forms N.K. policy team for 2nd half of 2nd term Aug. 26, 00:57
No. 2 man in Japan뭩 ruling party 몁ot to join Cabinet` Aug. 25, 05:23
U.S. attorney general`s communication soothes unrest in Missouri Aug. 23, 01:46
IS publicizes video footage on beheading of U.S. reporter Aug. 22, 02:47
Japan seeks to supply ammunition to USFK in case of war Aug. 22, 02:47
Japan plans highest-ever defense spending in 2015 Aug. 22, 02:44
Abe avoids reflection on wartime atrocities on surrender day Aug. 16, 02:50
Japanese media keen on Sankei Seoul chief뭩 appearance at prosecution Aug. 20, 05:22
멐bola fear sparks fake cures Aug. 18, 03:26
African American shot to death by Police in Los Angeles Aug. 15, 04:30

Speaker`s arbitral role needed to address assembly impasse
At a protest rally at Gwanghwamun Plaza over the...
Conspiracy over flattened Korean national anthem
Original version of the Korean national anthem was...
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