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Hate Practice
EU to accept 160,000 refugees amid migrant chaos

A three-year old Aylan Kurdi was found drowned on a beach in Turkey on Wednesday (local time) with his face in the sand. Pushed by the global public as the shocking photo of his body was revealed to the world, European countries are hurriedly amending their refugee policies. F...
Death of 3-year-old Kurdish refugee from Syria

Military parade demonstrates China뭩 rise, and Park뭩 choice
The world will remember Thursday뭩 ceremony marking China뭩 몎ictory in anti-Japanese war and global anti-fascist war at Tiananmen Square in the Chinese capital as a...

U.S. defense chief calls Korean Peninsula `tinder box`
U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter on Tuesday (local time) called the Korean Peninsula a "tinder box," referring to threats from North Korea. In a webcast dialogue...

China`s first lady attends China뭩 WWII military parade
China Central Television (CCTV) has reported that Chinese President Xi Jinping뭩 wife Peng Liyuan (photo) may attend the military parade to celebrate the 70th...

Former Japanese premier Hatoyama says 멇be뭩 statement should include apology Aug. 13, 07:28
President Obama takes 16-day summer vacation Aug. 12, 07:40
Apartment costs $1.7 million on average in Manhattan Aug. 10, 07:21
Donald Trump leads US Republican TV debate Aug. 08, 07:21
New jet could cut flight time from London to New York to 1 hour Aug. 06, 07:19
Obama pushes Biden into presidential race Aug. 05, 07:22
Japan reveals the largest defense budget for 2016 Aug. 03, 07:17
U.S. gov`t: `Comfort women, terrible, egregious violation of human rights` Aug. 01, 07:20
Japan`s ex-chief secretary criticizes LDP for whitewashing wartime sex slavery July 31, 07:14
World intellectuals urge Japanese PM to apologize for wartime atrocities July 30, 07:20

Achievements from President Park`s China visit
South Korean President Park Geun-hye has received...
Syrian refugee뭩 tragedy and North Korean youth defectors
In his red shirt, Aylan Kurdi was lying face down on...
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