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Hate Practice
IS publicizes video footage on beheading of U.S. reporter

Islamic State, the Sunni Muslim militia, on Tuesday publicized on the Internet video images in which a U.S. reporter is being beheaded. The move has been taken by IS as retaliation for the U.S. military뭩 airstrikes on Saturday and Sunday on northern Iraq regions that are control...
1,138th rally of sex slavery

Japan seeks to supply ammunition to USFK in case of war
The Japanese government is revising the U.S.-Japan defense guidelines to enable Tokyo to supply weapons and ammunition to the U.S. military and provide aerial refueling...

Abe avoids reflection on wartime atrocities on surrender day
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe did not mention Japan`s wartime atrocities in his speech on Friday, the 69th anniversary of Japan`s surrender at the end of World War...

Japanese media keen on Sankei Seoul chief뭩 appearance at prosecution
Japanese newspapers showed keen interest in appearance before Korean prosecution by Tatsuya Kato, the Sankei Shimbun뭩 Seoul bureau chief, on Monday. Kato, 48, was sued...

멐bola fear sparks fake cures Aug. 18, 03:26
African American shot to death by Police in Los Angeles Aug. 15, 04:30
NYT carries an editorial on conscript Yoon뭩 death Aug. 15, 03:40
Use of experimental Ebola drugs approved but supply runs out Aug. 14, 03:20
Legendary `femme fatale` actress Lauren Bacall dies at 89 Aug. 14, 03:25
Binge drinking culture of Chinese government officials Aug. 13, 05:57
Hillary Clinton criticizes Obama over foreign policy Aug. 12, 01:25
U.S. to quarantine Ebola-exposed returning missionaries Aug. 12, 01:36
U.S. sends 3 stealth bombers to Guam Aug. 08, 23:08
Erdogan poised to win Turkey`s first direct presidential vote Aug. 11, 07:16

What kind of political reform the NPAD pursues?
The main opposition New Politics Alliance for...
Ice Bucket Challenge
There is a free mobile application that allows users...
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