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Hate Practice
World intellectuals urge Japanese PM to apologize for wartime atrocities

More than 500 intellectual from around the world on Wednesday issued a statement reaffirming the illegitimacy of Japan`s forceful annexation of Korea in 1910 and opposing Japan`s distortion of imperialist past. In the joint statement announced in Seoul, the scholars and researc...
Obama meets Lucy, an ancient ancestor, in Ethiopia

Japanese mothers stage anti-Abe rally
밫hese babies are not born to kill others or to be killed. In Sunday afternoon, some 2,000 Japanese mothers rallied holding kids or pushing strollers in Shibuya, known...

US President Obama뭩 visit to Kenya
An official trip of the U.S. President, one of the busiest people in the world, is far from an entertaining travel. A hectic schedule awaits the president and the...

Mitsubishi to compensate Chinese wartime laborers, ignores Korean victims
Japan`s Mitsubishi Materials Corp. has agreed Friday to apologize and compensate Chinese victims and their bereaved families for its use of forced labor during World War...

Obama weighs tough response to NK`s hack of Sony Pictures Dec. 23, 06:44
U.N. General Assembly adopts resolution on N.K.뭩 human rights Dec. 20, 07:59
UN Security Council to introduce N.K. human rights as an agenda Dec. 17, 04:02
Sydney hostage siege likely being done by `lone wolf` Dec. 16, 08:20
Tim Cook named 멠erson of the Year by Financial Times Dec. 13, 08:06
IS propagandist on twitter found to be Indian executive Dec. 15, 07:03
Che Guevara뭩 son launches motorbike tour company in Cuba Dec. 12, 04:15
Japan뭩 history institutions to counter Abe뭩 comfort women perception Dec. 12, 04:12
Sexy Russian spy fails to seduce whistleblower Snowden Dec. 10, 08:49
Chinese soldier뭩 combat kit is worth about 2 iPhones Dec. 11, 04:06

Why Hyundai Motor is launching an Internet bank outside Korea
Hyundai Motor Group is launching an Internet-only bank...
Kim Moo-sung뭩 멪.S. over China
Kim Moo-sung, chairman of the ruling Saenuri Party,...
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