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Hate Practice

<20> Interview with Professor Nam Shi-uk
밐istory will remember Roh뭩 dismembering of the press and free speech. 《밯hat harm could the existence of a pressroom cause to its hosting agency? Can you imagine one? OK, Roh alleges the public is better served with a single, integrated briefing system.

<19> Roh뭩 Disparaging Remarks toward the Press
Roh뭩 Endless Cursing of Journalists It뭩 impossible to count the number of indecent words and expressions Roh has spit out throughout his presidency towards journalists. He dared to personally attack them out of hostility. Few South Koreans define his remarks as

<18> Gov't-run Media Imitating the Press
Their Own 밪elf-appraisal Exorcism Performance with Tens of Billions in Tax Money 《밃mong many facts presented by the government, few have been covered by any press company at least that I know of, and they have neither appeared in the reports on press

<17> Former Journalists Choking the Press as Roh Administration Officials
New Administration-Press Alliance against Free Speech The Roh administration has filled major posts with regulatory power over the press with members of friendlier civic groups and journalist organizations. President Roh has appointed reporters of friendlier weekly

<20> Interview with Professor Nam Shi-uk Dec. 17, 18:20
<19> Roh뭩 Disparaging Remarks toward the Press Dec. 17, 18:19
<18> Gov`t-run Media Imitating the Press Dec. 17, 18:34
<17> Former Journalists Choking the Press as Roh Administration Officials Dec. 17, 18:22
<16> Stifling Press, Expanding Government Information Agency Dec. 17, 18:22
<15> Gov`t Avoids Information Disclosure Dec. 17, 18:22
<14> Fair Trade Commission Penalizing Unfriendly Newspapers with Hefty Fines Dec. 17, 18:22
<13> Assessment Credit on Policy-Awareness Dec. 18, 09:15
<12> 밒nsipid Briefings Fail to Solve Curiosity Dec. 17, 18:41

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