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Hate Practice
Pianist Kim Sun-wook releases Beethoven sonata album

Pianist Kim Sun-wook (27) released his first solo album through Accentus, a German label, which includes two Beethoven piano sonatas, Op.53 Waldstein and Op.106 Hammerklavier. The album was recorded at a church in...

Book review: `Entertainers of the Joseon Dynasty`
One television singing audition program produces a slew of potential stars every year despite public concern that the pool of aspiring singers could dry up because of a...

Historian identifies Harvard Draft that found Eulsa Treaty `null and void`
The author of a Harvard Law School report, on which the International Federation declared the Korea-Japan Protectorate Treaty of 1905 as null and void, has been...

Unlikely dispute between Buddhism and Confucianism
When the site of a seowon (memorial hall in honor of Confucians) was excavated, national treasure-grade Buddhist relics were found en masse. It happened at Dobong Seowon...

`Monster Hunt` director Raman Hui talks about his movie Nov. 13, 20:41
World renowned Korean Wagner singer to perform `The Flying Dutchman` in Seoul Nov. 12, 10:34
Ancient Korean roof tiles on display in downtown Seoul Nov. 10, 08:11
Review: Kang Sue-jin뭩 swan song Onegin Nov. 09, 09:13
Civilized world must unite to punish IS for deplorable Paris attacks Nov. 16, 10:08
Shopping districts outside of Seoul enjoy significant growth Nov. 07, 07:30
Chopin competition winner Cho Seong-jin to release live solo album Nov. 05, 10:06
Generous Elton John? Having a small concert only in Korea Nov. 04, 09:09
Korean female poet releases revised edition of her famous poetry work Nov. 03, 09:04
The story of great writers: `I write, therefore I am` Oct. 31, 08:28

Many tasks left by the Two-Kim era
The two former South Korean Presidents Kim Young-sam...
Paik Nak-cheong`s literature and politics
Paik Nak-cheong is considered one of the most...
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