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Hate Practice
First book of Tarantino interviews published in Korea

When asked which director you like the most, Quentin Tarantino is one great option. Because his name is good to give an impression that you are a 멵ool movie fan who loves sense of humor and kitsch culture. If you are...

Korean novelist attends US events for her books
밫his is a gift for my mom. I뭢 worried she will cry a lot like I did (after reading this book). A blue-eyed U.S. girl shyly presented Shin Kyung-sook with the English...

Well-aging learned from lives of ancestors
멇utumn rain falling onto autumn leaves/The sound touches my old and ailing heart./It vibrates my bones./While thinking my late father/I am listening to the sound of...

K-fiction advances into global market as K-pop
"Young Korean literature advances into the world." Asia Publishing House unveiled Korean-English translation series "K-fiction" to introduce translated versions of...

`Black power` dominates Hollywood Mar. 06, 02:00
Survey finds Channel A `most satisfactory` cable TV channel Mar. 01, 09:33
A drama highlights Seoul뭩 two new landmark buildings Feb. 12, 06:48
An interview with movie director Hwang Dong-hyuk Feb. 10, 04:37
Theme song of `Frozen` fascinates moviegoers Feb. 07, 00:34
Confident and sexy Disney princess attracts adult viewership Feb. 04, 07:22
Popular singer`s rumored romance shakes up Korean cyberspace Jan. 30, 07:15
Heroine Han Ji-min talks about new movie `Plan Man` Jan. 03, 00:30
`All The K-Pop` has most views on YouTube this year Dec. 30, 23:45
Madonna and her boyfriend break up Dec. 13, 05:20

National Assembly should pass N.K. human rights bill
The ruling Saenuri Party and the main opposition New...
Korea`s ecology institute names tracking path after Jane Goodall
"Ecobrity" is a newly coined term to call celebrities...
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