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Hate Practice
Life wisdom from stubborn Buddhist monk

밃 Korean proverb says 몑ou may be able to take three fleas with you by force, but you cannot go with three Buddhist monks.뮅 When this reporter met with Rev. Jugyeong (chief monk at Buseoksa temple in Seosan) at a...

Suwon City revives `King Jeongjo뭩 royal parade`
밙ing Jeongjo뭩 royal tomb parade from Seoul all the way down to Suwon and then to its final destination Hwaseong will be re-enacted. The royal tomb parade was King...

Exhibitions open in memory of Paik Nam-june
Thursday marks the ninth year of the death of Korean media artist Paik Nam-june. He died of old age in 2006 at his house in Miami. Two exhibition events will start on...

An altar of the Joseon Dynasty to be restored
The restoration project of Sajikdan in downtown Seoul (see photo) or an altar to the state deities during the Joseon Dynasty will start in the first half of this year....

멗nterstellar expected to join 10 million club this weekend Dec. 19, 06:21
Korean TV dramas accused of copying American dramas Dec. 10, 08:55
Tchaikovsky`s chords still loved today Dec. 02, 08:35
Seeking a breakthrough using new elements and actors Nov. 28, 08:39
Pastor-turned star dancer in Milan Nov. 22, 05:43
Pop star Cindy Lauper to hold S. Korea concert in 26 years Nov. 26, 00:00
Mahler symphony뭩 motif in movie `Interstellar` Nov. 25, 03:49
Korean novelist attends US events for her books Oct. 27, 07:12
Well-aging learned from lives of ancestors Oct. 24, 23:26
`Black power` dominates Hollywood Mar. 06, 02:00

Former president뭩 memoir cannot trigger political conflicts
Controversy over "President뭩 Time," a memoir written...
Raising a child feel superior to others
A boy pressed a button in the elevator standing on...
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