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Hate Practice
Hyundai Card opens Music Library equipped with 10,000 rare albums

Recently, rumors spread among Japanese music album collectors that someone in Korea is massively buying out rare albums. Soon later the buyer was identified as Hyundai Card. Hyundai Card opened Tuesday "Music Library"...

A Japanese housewife fascinated by Korean publishes a book about Korea
밯hen I first heard a Korean phrase of `kkotbaem (literally means 밼lower snake),` I thought of 밶 snake in the flower bed. Having spent three years in Seoul due to...

Food culture commentator Yoon Deok-no says 몂rigin of dinning out was healing
Families have many reasons to have dining out together in May. The month includes Children뭩 Day, followed by Parents Day, and Husband and Wife뭩 Day, and the best way...

Deoksu Palace stone-wall road to be re-connected in 131 years
Around 170 meter-long stone-wall road around the Deoksu Palace, which has been blocked by the British Embassy in Korea, is expected to be re-connected. If the road is...

멗nterstellar expected to join 10 million club this weekend Dec. 19, 06:21
Korean TV dramas accused of copying American dramas Dec. 10, 08:55
Tchaikovsky`s chords still loved today Dec. 02, 08:35
Seeking a breakthrough using new elements and actors Nov. 28, 08:39
Pastor-turned star dancer in Milan Nov. 22, 05:43
Pop star Cindy Lauper to hold S. Korea concert in 26 years Nov. 26, 00:00
Mahler symphony뭩 motif in movie `Interstellar` Nov. 25, 03:49
Korean novelist attends US events for her books Oct. 27, 07:12
Well-aging learned from lives of ancestors Oct. 24, 23:26
`Black power` dominates Hollywood Mar. 06, 02:00

UN Secretary General ridiculed Kim Jong Un뭩 capricious leadership
North Korea called off the visit by UN Secretary...
Hashima coal mine and the condition to be world heritage
President Park Geun-hye didn뭪 attend the opening...
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