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Hate Practice
멗nterstellar expected to join 10 million club this weekend

Christopher Nollan뭩 sci-fi movie 멗nterstellar is likely to join the 10 million club this weekend at earliest. According to Korea Box Office Information System, the science fiction film has drawn 9.78 million...

Korean TV dramas accused of copying American dramas
밐ealer, the latest episode of the Monday-Tuesday drama series that kicked off on Monday, is under controversy for plagiarism. Netizens raised suspicion of...

Tchaikovsky`s chords still loved today
A college friend who first bought a guitar seemed confident. He began to sing with a few simple chords. 밳our silence and my dry lips. When I said 밎ood, he said, 밒...

Seeking a breakthrough using new elements and actors
Korea뭩 terrestrial TV drama market is coming up with a wide variety of alternatives to recover from its slump, but there are still no noticeable effects. To deal with...

Pastor-turned star dancer in Milan Nov. 22, 05:43
Pop star Cindy Lauper to hold S. Korea concert in 26 years Nov. 26, 00:00
Mahler symphony뭩 motif in movie `Interstellar` Nov. 25, 03:49
Korean novelist attends US events for her books Oct. 27, 07:12
Well-aging learned from lives of ancestors Oct. 24, 23:26
`Black power` dominates Hollywood Mar. 06, 02:00
Survey finds Channel A `most satisfactory` cable TV channel Mar. 01, 09:33
A drama highlights Seoul뭩 two new landmark buildings Feb. 12, 06:48
An interview with movie director Hwang Dong-hyuk Feb. 10, 04:37
Theme song of `Frozen` fascinates moviegoers Feb. 07, 00:34

U.S.-Cuba dtente points to N. Korea뭩 way
The United States and Cuba have agreed to restore...
Sony Pictures hurtfFeelings of `utmost dignity`
In the ancient dynasties, there was a custom not to...
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