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Hate Practice
Meanings behind different colors of neckties

Less people are wearing this these days, but it still takes a big portion of men뭩 fashion. What is this? A tie. Men are required to wear a suit and tie. CEOs and executives of businesses deliver a message in the color...

90% of people aged 55-79 believe they are younger than their actual age by 9 years
"Get out of my way, the time. I am still young. This is a part of lyrics from Korean pop singer Oh Seung-geun뭩 멗 Am Still Young, one of the most popular songs that...

Prints of Darani Sutra woodblocks from Tang Dynasty disclosed
Prints of the Darani Sutra woodblocks, which are believed to have been made during China뭩 Tang Dynasty, will be open to the public. The Darani Sutra is printing on a...

The Lascaux cave paintings to be exhibited in Korea next year
The famous Lascaux cave paintings will be exhibited in a cave in Gwangmyeong City in Korea for the first time in Asia. Gwangmyeong City and Socit Publique Locale...

멗nterstellar expected to join 10 million club this weekend Dec. 19, 06:21
Korean TV dramas accused of copying American dramas Dec. 10, 08:55
Tchaikovsky`s chords still loved today Dec. 02, 08:35
Seeking a breakthrough using new elements and actors Nov. 28, 08:39
Pastor-turned star dancer in Milan Nov. 22, 05:43
Pop star Cindy Lauper to hold S. Korea concert in 26 years Nov. 26, 00:00
Mahler symphony뭩 motif in movie `Interstellar` Nov. 25, 03:49
Korean novelist attends US events for her books Oct. 27, 07:12
Well-aging learned from lives of ancestors Oct. 24, 23:26
`Black power` dominates Hollywood Mar. 06, 02:00

Expectations on normalization of presidential secretariat
President Park Geun-hye on Friday appointed Lee...
Message from wave of Taegeukgi
South Korean President Park Geun-hye addressed in the...
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