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Hate Practice
멊lack power in Hollywood

The Oscar Awards have changed in tandem with passage of time. The movie 12 Years a Slave, which describes the slavery system from the perspective of black people, received three categories of this year뭩 Oscar Awards....

`Black power` dominates Hollywood
"Black power" is dominating Hollywood. After a series of movies featuring black actors playing leading roles, Steve McQueen, the African-American director of "12 Years a...

Survey finds Channel A `most satisfactory` cable TV channel
A latest survey suggests that TV viewers find Channel A, a subsidiary of the Dong-A Ilbo, the "most satisfactory" among Korea`s general programming cable TV channels for...

A drama highlights Seoul뭩 two new landmark buildings
밠y Love from the Star, a popular SBS drama, shows two luxury landmark buildings in Seoul. One is 밆ongdaemun Design Plaza & Park (DDP), which was designed by...

An interview with movie director Hwang Dong-hyuk Feb. 10, 04:37
Theme song of `Frozen` fascinates moviegoers Feb. 07, 00:34
Confident and sexy Disney princess attracts adult viewership Feb. 04, 07:22
Popular singer`s rumored romance shakes up Korean cyberspace Jan. 30, 07:15
Heroine Han Ji-min talks about new movie `Plan Man` Jan. 03, 00:30
`All The K-Pop` has most views on YouTube this year Dec. 30, 23:45
Madonna and her boyfriend break up Dec. 13, 05:20
Who is real model of character in drama 멇nswer Me 1994 Dec. 29, 22:54
`Tough guy` hidden in image of `sweet` Gong Yoo Dec. 12, 07:03
Girls` Generation named Time`s Top 10 Songs of 2013 Dec. 06, 06:45

Leave no stones unturned in investigating ferry sinking incident
The Supreme Prosecutors` Office and the Korea Coast...
Obama뭩 Asian tour
U.S. President Barack Obama will take a tour to Japan,...
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