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Hate Practice

A single mom뭩 death by police raid on prostitution
A single mom surnamed A (aged 24) died at a motel while trying to avoid prostitution crackdown by the police. A, a mother of 8-year-old daughter, became a single mom at the age of 17. She couldn뭪 find a decent job and her parents were not able to financially support her. A had...

THAAD deployment is none of China뭩 business
China뭩 ambassador to Korea told Korean National Assembly members on Wednesday that if the U.S. deploys Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) in Korea, it would have a negative impact on Korea-China relations. Although THAAD is being discussed as a defense against North...

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A single mom뭩 death by police raid on prostitution
A single mom surnamed A (aged 24) died at a motel...
Unfinished life of Samsung man and Hanwha man
In Samsung group, non-core subsidiaries are called...
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