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Hate Practice
Personal data breaches fall prey to voice phishing

Worries have become a reality that personal information leaked from banks and credit card companies could be abused in second crimes. It has been confirmed that the personal financial information leaked from commercial banks last year has been used in voice phishing. Gangbuk Pol...
President`s meeting with Canadian PM

Daily stock transactions approach $7 billion
Money is returning to stock markets. The capital in stock markets has ballooned. This is due in part to prolonged low interest rates, but mostly is helped by improved...

Deregulation is key to boosting corporate investment
Employment and consumption are showing signs of recovery, but corporate investment remains in the doldrums. Deregulation should be pushed through to reinvigorate...

Is mobile flat fee for unlimited use a medicine or poison?
Flat fee for unlimited use, is it a medicine or poison for mobile telecom operators and subscribers? Flat fee for unlimited use has been the hottest topic among mobile...

US court overturns DuPont뭩 $920 Mil verdict in Kolon case Apr. 05, 04:42
Hyundai Motor chief compliments new LF Sonata on its `solidness` Apr. 05, 05:05
Gov`t taps corporate cash reserves worth $476 bil to revive economy Apr. 03, 01:29
Samsung`s design director explains Galaxy S5`s design concept Apr. 02, 05:16
`Super shareholders meeting day` ends with no big bang Mar. 29, 02:37
Hite Beer conducts product renewal amid fierce competition Mar. 31, 01:45
Korea has higher welfare budget as a percentage of GDP than Japan뭩 Mar. 27, 23:43
SK Telecom pledges compensation over service failure Mar. 22, 03:22
Conglomerate executives required to disclose paychecks Mar. 27, 02:02
Gov`t to ease development restrictions to spur local economy Mar. 13, 06:05

Continuous corruption ruins the future of financial business
The domestic banking industry is in serious danger. A...
Now is the time for companies to respond
밫hat뭩 because companies are greedy. An incumbent...
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