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Chinese tourists expected to spend $29 bil. on shopping in Korea in 2020

Spending in Korea by Chinese tourists known as "youke" will exceed 30 trillion won (29.4 billion U.S. dollars), new analysis showed. According to Korea Tourism Organization and Hana Daetoo Securities on Thursday, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Korea will increase by an a...
Finance minister vows to launch hotline for business sector

Hite Jinro makes a foray into East European liquor market
Hite Jinro will make a foray into the East European market, one of the origins of beer. The company will also introduce soju, the Korea liquor, for the first time in the...

World뭩 first floating solar power plant built in Korea
Solkiss, a photovoltaic energy company, will complete the world뭩 first floating, rotating solar voltaic power plant with a capacity of 465 kilowatts on Geumgwang...

LG CNS to build Malaysia`s largest logistics center
LG CNS said Tuesday that it completed design and test of the automation of Integrated Parcel Centre of PosLaju, Malaysia`s largest delivery firm, and would start...

Samsung Electronics extends Olympic sponsorship to 2020 Aug. 18, 03:55
Financial regulator releases bank CEOs` income in first half Aug. 16, 02:30
Greenhouse gas trade system to be implemented next year Aug. 15, 04:16
SK Chairman Chey Tae-won donates from prison Aug. 15, 00:37
All new smartphones to be armed with 몊mishing-blocking app Aug. 14, 02:46
Korea to promote traditional food as key export items Aug. 13, 05:36
Samsung releases new robotic vacuum cleaner `PowerBot` Aug. 13, 05:39
Samsung, Apple agree to drop patent lawsuits outside U.S. Aug. 07, 03:17
CJ `TVing Stick` transforms ordinary TV set into smart TV Aug. 12, 00:58
Korea뭩 beef self-sufficiency at 50.2%, increased after market opening Aug. 11, 07:15

What kind of political reform the NPAD pursues?
The main opposition New Politics Alliance for...
All-seeing eyes, CCTV
The National Forensic Service (NFS) will soon announce...
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