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Korean court rules in favor of Samsung merger

Seoul court handed a win to Samsung over Elliot Wednesday, putting the Korean conglomerate in an advantageous position in collecting friendly votes ahead of the shareholders` meeting on July 17. People in the business circle said that Samsung Group secured a legal basis for the m...
Hotel Shilla CEO asks China to encourage travel to Korea

World stocks rise on Greek optimism
Major stock markets have risen across the board Tuesday as hopes are ripening for the Greek deal, which had weighed down the global financial markets. Korea`s main...

Shinhan Life Insurance opens branch office in Vietnam
Shinhan Life Insurance has opened a branch office in Vietnam as the first step of its advancement into foreign insurance markets. Shinhan Life Insurance said on...

Shilla Hotel CEO Lee Bu-jin stays in Jeju to lead anti-epidemic efforts
Hotel Shilla CEO Lee Bu-jin (picture) is staying at the Shilla Jeju hotel to lead efforts to prevent the spread of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) after the...

Korea뭩 tourism income shatters last year`s record in 10 months Dec. 22, 06:44
Korea tops per-capita ramyeon consumption Dec. 20, 08:11
Korean pension fund earns $871 bil. by selling HSBC tower Dec. 15, 06:21
Korean Black Friday Comes on Dec. 12 Dec. 09, 00:58
Lee Jae-yong is Korea`s 2nd richest man after his father Dec. 03, 07:00
KAIST wins second place in unmanned boat competition Dec. 06, 08:16
AirAsia to operate aircraft featuring Park Ji-sung Dec. 11, 03:57
Samsung`s annual reshuffle: 3 of 5 mobile chiefs step down Dec. 02, 07:22
SK recruits software expert hailing from Samsung Nov. 29, 04:40
Number of import vehicle sales to hit 195,000 this year, up 24.6% Dec. 01, 12:37

Mudslinging ruling party should focus on government administraion
When the prosecution indicted without arrest South...
Tragedy of Greece
Known as the home of democracy, Greece is also the...
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