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Seoul seeks special economic zone in China for S. Korean banks

The South Korean government is seeking ways to set up a special economic zone in Northeast China where South Korean commercial banks can lend money to local companies by using the Chinese currency reserves in the banks` vaults. The plan is aimed at channeling more than 20 billion...
Seoul to hold Chanel뭩 cruise collection show in May

Samsung vice chairman meets Chinese vice premier
Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong met Wang Yang, vice premier for economic affairs at State Council of China, who has recently emerged as a political...

Korea뭩 GDP adds 0.4% in Q4
The nation뭩 economic growth rate in the fourth quarter of last year fell to the lowest level in nine quarters due to sluggish export and falling tax revenue. With...

Gov뭪, ruling party show the white flag due to public backlash
The government and the ruling Saenuri Party have eventually given in to taxpayers who expressed strong complaints about year-end tax filing. They eventually released...

Korea뭩 tourism income shatters last year`s record in 10 months Dec. 22, 06:44
Korea tops per-capita ramyeon consumption Dec. 20, 08:11
Korean pension fund earns $871 bil. by selling HSBC tower Dec. 15, 06:21
Korean Black Friday Comes on Dec. 12 Dec. 09, 00:58
Lee Jae-yong is Korea`s 2nd richest man after his father Dec. 03, 07:00
KAIST wins second place in unmanned boat competition Dec. 06, 08:16
AirAsia to operate aircraft featuring Park Ji-sung Dec. 11, 03:57
Samsung`s annual reshuffle: 3 of 5 mobile chiefs step down Dec. 02, 07:22
SK recruits software expert hailing from Samsung Nov. 29, 04:40
Number of import vehicle sales to hit 195,000 this year, up 24.6% Dec. 01, 12:37

How could Korean military get out of sexual crimes and corruption scandals?
A series of sexual crimes and defense industry...
Stielike leadership
Sir Alex Ferguson, 74, of Britain is a familiar name...
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