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멒alaxy S6 is a declaration of independence from Google and Qualcomm

"The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a declaration of independence from Google and Qualcomm." This was the reaction of the mobile industry to Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge unveiled in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Samsung has used its own application processor chips in the phones, re...
Zuckerberg: Facebook would love to work with Google on global Internet access

Samsung unveils beautiful new Galaxy S6
In a bid to reclaim the throne of global smartphone leader, Samsung Electronics has finally unveiled the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy 6 Edge. During the Samsung Galaxy...

February trade surplus of $7.6 billion set a new record high
Korea뭩 exports and imports both dropped in February for two consecutive months compared to the same period a year earlier. Korea뭩 outbound shipments (based on the...

3 Koreans made Forbes list of 2015 Asia`s Power Businesswomen
Hyundai Group Chairwoman Hyun Jeong-eun, Boryung Pharmaceutical Group CEO Kim Eun-seon and Hotel Shilla CEO Lee Boo-jin have been named on the list of the most powerful...

Korea뭩 tourism income shatters last year`s record in 10 months Dec. 22, 06:44
Korea tops per-capita ramyeon consumption Dec. 20, 08:11
Korean pension fund earns $871 bil. by selling HSBC tower Dec. 15, 06:21
Korean Black Friday Comes on Dec. 12 Dec. 09, 00:58
Lee Jae-yong is Korea`s 2nd richest man after his father Dec. 03, 07:00
KAIST wins second place in unmanned boat competition Dec. 06, 08:16
AirAsia to operate aircraft featuring Park Ji-sung Dec. 11, 03:57
Samsung`s annual reshuffle: 3 of 5 mobile chiefs step down Dec. 02, 07:22
SK recruits software expert hailing from Samsung Nov. 29, 04:40
Number of import vehicle sales to hit 195,000 this year, up 24.6% Dec. 01, 12:37

Anti-US activist`s terror on US envoy should not cause cracks in alliance
Thursday`s attack on U.S. Ambassador to South Korea...
President뭩 hidden fortune
밃 large slush fund of 100 trillion Korean won...
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