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Seoul`s apartment transactions set a record high in 9 years

Transaction volume of apartments in Seoul is expected to set a new record high in March, while that of townhouses and multi-family houses is projected to reach a peak. As of Friday, 11,489 apartment transactions have been made in Seoul during this month, based on the reported ...
Samsung뭩 washing machine wins quadruple crowns by Consumer Reports

Tech-heavy KOSDAQ market extends its rally
The tech-heavy KOSDAQ market is extending its rally. Helped by net buying by institutional and foreign investors, the KOSDAQ Index topped 650 for the first time in six...

Samsung뭩 Galaxy S6 comes with Microsoft cloud service
Samsung Electronics will pre-install Microsoft mobile cloud service in most of its Android smartphones and tablets. If a business purchases a Samsung device in a...

Hyundai Motor introduces all new Sonata sedan in China
Beijing Hyundai Motor, the Chinese affiliate of Hyundai Motor, held a ceremony to launch the "Chinese version of the new Sonata" in Shenzhen in Guangdong Province on...

Merely 6% of iPhone owners use Apply Pay Mar. 20, 22:05
Korea뭩 tourism income shatters last year`s record in 10 months Dec. 22, 06:44
Korea tops per-capita ramyeon consumption Dec. 20, 08:11
Korean pension fund earns $871 bil. by selling HSBC tower Dec. 15, 06:21
Korean Black Friday Comes on Dec. 12 Dec. 09, 00:58
Lee Jae-yong is Korea`s 2nd richest man after his father Dec. 03, 07:00
KAIST wins second place in unmanned boat competition Dec. 06, 08:16
AirAsia to operate aircraft featuring Park Ji-sung Dec. 11, 03:57
Samsung`s annual reshuffle: 3 of 5 mobile chiefs step down Dec. 02, 07:22
SK recruits software expert hailing from Samsung Nov. 29, 04:40

Does NPAD have an intention to reform the public employee pension?
Both ruling and opposition parties are at loggerheads...
96-year history of Dong-A뭩 column 멖oingseol-suseol
"Hoingseol-suseol (gibberish talks)" first appears in...
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