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N. Korea dispatches defector kidnapping agents to China

Posted August. 24, 2016 07:29,   

Updated August. 24, 2016 07:35


Following defection to South Korea of 13 employees at a North Korean state-run restaurant in China and Thae Yong Ho, a top North Korean diplomat at the embassy in London, North Korea has pledged revenge and has massively dispatched members of national security department and North Korea’s Reconnaissance General Bureau to China to strengthen supervision of North Korea-China borders.

These North Korean officials are staying in major Chinese airports to monitor any movements of defections. "North Korean officials monitor at the exit at Shenyang Airport in Liaoning when a plane arrives from South Korea," a North Korea source said Tuesday. "They are special agents dispatched from North Korea to kidnap defectors visiting China after the defection of 13 waitresses. I got information that they have memorized the photos and personal information of some 50 defectors."

With South Korea-China relations worsening over the THAAD dispatch issue, the Chinese authorities are strengthening North Korean defector crackdown after previous negligence, while North Korea is adding to the effort that they are sharing information with each other.

Six North Koreans who flew to China were known to have been arrested on Tuesday at the Jilin Province near Yenji. "They moved in the car of a Chinese government agency paying money for it, but the authorities cracked down only cars the defectors were riding," one defector who said his family is included in the six people said. "Three vehicles were waiting as if they knew that there were a number of defectors."

"Local residents urged me to leave China saying a large number of North Korean officials were on the site," said a North Korea source who had visited the North Korea-China borders last week.

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