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Who is the public for hardliners?

Posted August. 30, 2014 03:59,   


Inside the opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy (NPAD), moderate views that "the party needs to return to the National Assembly" are gaining momentum. It is because Kim Yeong-oh, father of a Sewol ferry victim, and Rep. Moon Jae-in decided to stop fasting and the all-night demonstration held at the meeting room of the parliamentary committee on budget and accounts. Moderate lawmakers, who signed their names on the list to protest against the "outside struggle," continued sharing opinions on Friday over sound image of the opposition party and struggles inside the National Assembly.

In addition to 15 lawmakers who originally signed on the list, Rep. Choi Won-sik, who newly joined the moderate group, said, “Congress is the best venue for the opposition party to fight. We should put up the bills to improve livelihoods of the public and fiercely struggle against the ruling party,” adding, “Civic groups produce agenda, but a political party gathers voices from various walks of life, institutionalize and legislate them. That’s why it is not appropriate for lawmakers to fight through demonstration. The NPAD must be a competent opposition party which fights and compromises in its distinctive color." Choi had been actively involved in the civic group activities while he practiced law. Rep. Moon Byeong-ho, who recently joined forces together with the moderate, also said, “Fighting without any alternative leaves us as an opposition party forever.”

Rep. Hwang Joo-hong who led signing of names on the list said, “The NPAD needs to do things that the public supports. That’s the only way we can earn trust and support, then we can win the election.” Hwang also emphasized, “We need to change our perspective against the ruling Saenuri Party. It is necessary to compete with the party based on the awareness that the party is not our enemy but our competitor. This is how we can be chosen by consumers (the public) in the political market.”

Moderate lawmakers start paying attentions to statements made by former President Kim Dae-Jung (DJ), when he served as the opposition party leader. “Opposition party members should have a critical mind of scholars and awareness on the reality of merchants. With distinctive identity, the opposition party needs to oppose in its color but also needs to compromise and collaborates in its color.” These are the representative statements of DJ. Rep. Park Joo-seon said, “We need to go back to the spirit of DJ, who embraced the moderate and achieved a victory in the election.” Next week, the moderate group in the NPAD will convene a debate to discuss on how to improve image of the opposition party and enhance its status in the political arena.