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Korea`s national fencing team confident before Asian Games

Korea`s national fencing team confident before Asian Games

Posted August. 28, 2014 07:02,   


"My daughter dances well. I once brought her to the fencing stadium and she was very excited. I will win gold medal."

Nam Hyun-hee, Korea`s key female foil fencer, was boasting of her 16-month-old daughter on Wednesday at the Media Day event for the Korean national fencing team, which was held at the Korea National Training Center in Taereung. From Busan Asian Games in 2002 to Asian Games in Doha and Guangzhou, she had failed to win gold medal. As she joins her fourth Asian Games this year, Nam is not in a normal health condition due to sickness after parturition. Nevertheless, she is ramping up efforts to boost experience and senses to maximum.

Through a video of her daughter her family sent her, Nam has regained mental stability. Her step and attack technique speed don`t match those of her hey days, but she has no reason to feel urgent. Last month at the Asian championships, Korea`s national fencing team grabbed nine of a total of 12 gold medals at the individual and team games. Their task now is to maintain concentration power and peace of mind. They know that the enemy is within them. They have accepted that judges can`t be on their side.

Kim Ji-yeon, gold medalist in women`s saber in London Olympics, said, "I want to enjoy rather than feel burdened," Koo Bong-gil of men`s saber said, "I have developed physical strength for endurance and am confident to overcome with concentration even when the situation becomes desperate."

Jeong Jin-seon and Park Kyung-doo of men`s epee hope to meet at the finals for gold medal, and pledged each other to do their best up to the finals. Women epee player Shin A-ram who had to shed tears at the London Olympics due to absurd judgment when the last one second lasted longer, is determined to wipe out her tear and smile. The fencing team will compete for 12 gold medals at this year`s Asian Games, starting from the women`s saber and men`s epee individuals on Sept. 20 that will last for six days. Their first goal is to win seven gold medals, the same number they had won four years earlier at the Guangzhou Olympics.