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Incheon Asiad Athlete Village unveils ahead of sporting event

Incheon Asiad Athlete Village unveils ahead of sporting event

Posted August. 27, 2014 01:33,   


“Athletes can display their best performance when eating good food. So we are paying utmost attention in this regard.”

Lee Elisa, 60, chief of Athlete Village for the Incheon Asian Games Organizing Committee, said on Tuesday that the committee is paying utmost attention to food at an event unveiling “Guwol Asiad Athlete Village” in Guwol-dong, Incheon that will accommodate players, coaches and administrators from 45 countries participating at the Incheon event.

Built on 10,000 square-meter land, the restaurant can concurrently accommodate up to 3,500 people, and offer unlimited volume of meals served around the clock daily. The restaurant will serve menus that are among the best in quality and variety in the history of Asian Games. Some 700 chefs and cooking assistants will prepare a total of 548 kinds of food, including Western, Korean, Asian and Halal style (vegetarian foodstuffs, fisheries, and meat for Muslims in accordance with Islam rules), and serve them to athletes and other participants. About 80 different menus will be served per meal in a buffet style, and menus will be changed every five days. Athletes will be provided with food costing about 25 dollars per person per meal.

Consideration will be given to vegetarians and athletes allergic to certain food. If athletes who are struggling due to allergy inform their symptoms to a nutritionist or doctor who will be constantly on standby in the restaurant, they will be advised to stay away from food marked with certain numbers on respective menus.

The athletes will stay at 2,220 units in 22 newly built apartment buildings from Sept. 5 to Oct. 7. They can move from their lodgings to major competition sites and training facilities within 40 minutes. Additionally, the village is equipped with a screen shooting range, a live music band experience hall, a nail art store, and a foot bathing corner. Players who get mentally and physically exhausted due to fierce competition for medals will use these as “healing” facilities. A ceremony to grant admission to the village will take place on Sept. 12.