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Governor Nam`s son investigated for harassing subordinates in Army

Governor Nam`s son investigated for harassing subordinates in Army

Posted August. 18, 2014 04:31,   


Gyeonggi Province Governor Nam Kyung-pil’s son is investigated for beating and sexual abusing of subordinates at the Army`s 6th Yeha Division in Cheolwon County, Gangwon Province. Governor Nam apologized on Aug. 17 at the Gyeonggi provincial government building, “As a father who sends his son to the Army, I will also deeply reflect on my failure to teach my son properly."

According to the 6th division, Governor’s son Nam, a corporal aged 23, is indicted without physical detention on Aug. 13, 4 days ago, and is under investigation for allegedly hitting his subordinate in the stomach and face on a number of occasions for poor performance on duty and training since early April. Investigation found that Corporal Nam wearing combat shoes kicked the subordinate (aged 21) in his leg and verbally abused him. Nam is also accused of sexually harassing another subordinate (aged 19) by hugging him behind or hitting him around a zipper of his pants.

Corporal Nam was quoted as admitting the abusive acts including beating and cursing. However, he said it was a ‘playful act’ regarding the sexual harassment allegation. The Army said, “Nam’s harassing and abusive acts were found out in a survey conducted on Aug. 11 to eradicate harassing and hazing among the Army soldiers. Solders who witnessed the beating reported that case and the military police started investigation. The punishment level will be determined according to the final investigation results.”

As the incident was made public, Governor Nam made an official apology at the Gyunggi provincial government building on the same day. "I am standing here to be punished on behalf of my son who conducted wrongdoings. I sincerely apologize to victims of violence conducted by my son, and their families," he said. "My son will be appropriately punished in accordance with the results of the investigation. As the father, I will repent with the mind that I, too, am being punished instead of my son,” added the Governor. Previously, he issued an apology containing the same contents on his Facebook account.

Two sons of Governor Nam are currently serving in the Army and the oldest son is accused of harassing of subordinates. He gathered attention by writing a newspaper article on Aug. 15 about his feelings for two sons. Nam wrote in the article, “I believe all fathers feel the same way, being awake for concerns about his own son in the military service. I have worried about my two sons as to whether they are beaten by their seniors. Now, they became seniors in their divisions but I am still sitting on pins and needles concerning if they are beating subordinates. A few days ago, I asked my youngest son who was home on a leave and he answered not to worry.” Governor Nam said he knew about his oldest son’s accusation on Aug. 13 upon receipt of a notification from the Army. The article was written before Aug. 13, when he knew nothing about his first son.