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African American shot to death by Police in Los Angeles

Posted August. 15, 2014 04:30,   


Coming on the heels of the African American teenager Michael Brown killing in Missouri, another death that took place in Los Angeles in California sparks widespread anger across the African American community in the U.S.

LA Times reported on Wednesday that African American Ezell Ford, 25, who was driving his car on the 65th street in the African American resident area in the south of Los Angeles at 8:20 p.m. Monday, was stopped by police for investigation and was fatally shot by an officer. Identity of the police officer who shot him or whether Ford had a gun was not revealed.

Ford’s mother Tritobia Ford said in an interview with local broadcast KTLA that her son had mental problems and it is not fair that her son was lying on the ground, complying with police when he was shot. The bereaved mother raised suspicion by saying that her son was lying on the ground (police laid him out) and got shots on his back. Ford’s families and friends posted in Facebook that they will stage a protest against the excessive force exercised by police officers in front of LAPD headquarters on Saturday afternoon.

As similar cases occurred in Missouri and Los Angeles, the police department started investigation on the cases and reputed some arguments from the bereaved family. LAPD spokesman Andy Smith argued on Wednesday that the shooting was inevitable. “Mr. Ford basically tackled one of our officers and went for his gun,” said the spokesman.

Meanwhile, a series of protests against violent react of police continued on Wednesday in Ferguson, Missouri, where black teenager Brown was dead to shot by police. AP reported that the police fired tear gas to suppress the protest. In the process, a 19-year-old man, who aimed a gun at police, was shot back and seriously injured.