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Partial change of social security no. to be permitted after leakage

Partial change of social security no. to be permitted after leakage

Posted August. 01, 2014 06:54,   


From 2015 at the earliest, when a person’s resident registration number is leaked and losses are incurred, the numbers may be partly changed. If a company leaks client information or illegally circulates them the company will be exited from the market, with all its profits confiscated and collected. The Ministry of Security and Public Administration said on Thursday that it will push for this measure to normalize the protection of personal information. This measure will be heavy-handed in holding companies accountable for negligent management of personal information.

As for the social security number, when personal damages occurred or there are concerns of such losses, a restricted change will be possible. The first six digits of all 13 cannot be changed, and the second part, seven digits, will be allowed to be partially changed. There have been correction of mistakes or expiration procedures of the resident registration number, but this is the first time a change to the resident registration number will be permitted. However, whether the resident registration number system will be completely overhauled will be decided after a public hearing in September.

Punishment and compensation policies for harvesting resident registration numbers and information leakage will be strengthened across the board. From August 7, if resident registration numbers are collected without a legal basis, a maximum of 29,000 dollars in penalty will be levied. Even legal collection of the social security numbers must be managed through encryption. The new policy will be launched by February 7 after a six-month grace period.

In the case of deliberate/grossly negligent leakage of personal information, the culprit must pay up to three times the damages in the losses incurred. Even if the damaged party cannot evidence the specific loss amount, the plaintiffs will be able to easily get compensation within a range of 2,900 U.S. dollars depending on the court ruling. In addition, people benefitting from the illegal leakage/distribution of persona information will be fully confiscated and seized.