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Beijing on highest anti-terror alert after terrorist attack

Beijing on highest anti-terror alert after terrorist attack

Posted July. 31, 2014 05:29,   


Beijing public security authorities raised Tuesday anti-terror guard level to its highest and decided to patrol subway stations armed with guns. Beijing is taking strict response after a terrorist attack occurred Tuesday in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region.

Many tourists are flocking to Beijing for summer vacations and terrorist attacks can result in a huge losses of lives. In July, subway users topped 10 million people daily average during weekdays.

Beijing authorities decided to increase security search manpower at subways from the current two to three to five. They will look into all trash cans in all sections of the subway every 15 minutes to block any set up and bombing of explosives.

Xinjinbao newspaper reported Wednesday that anyone refusing security check will be remanded in custody for five to 10 days. Beijing public security authorities said passengers refusing safety checks will be recommended again and if they continue to refuse will be sentenced to 5-10 days of detention according to public order punishment law.

According to authorities, more than 30 passengers were sentenced to detention by refusing safety examination or beating the inspectors. More than 120 passengers who were carrying banned items also received the same punishment.

Meanwhile, Xinhua News Agency reported Wednesday that dozens of people died from the riots that broke out in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region Tuesday. According to Xinhua and other Chinese media, hundreds of Uighur people armed with weapons including knives attacked police station in Sache County and its office building. They put 30 cars on fire. The police took decisive measures shooting to dead some 20 and leaving dozens wounded, Xinhua said.

The authorities believe the incident occurred as Uighur people, complaining about arresting and investigating terror suspects, attacked the police, and that it was planned.