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Yoshibumi Wakamiya`s story of three brothers in conflict

Yoshibumi Wakamiya`s story of three brothers in conflict

Posted July. 03, 2014 07:02,   


Once upon a time, three brothers lived in a village nearby each other. The eldest taught many things to his younger brothers. The youngest also learned from his second elder brother who was studious.

The youngest brother was physically stronger than the second brother who was weak, and had lots of desire and often challenged the second brother. But the two reconciled soon.

However, when people with different color came to the village the brothers fell in fear. The youngest brother saw his oldest brother harassed and immediately trained himself to be a good fighter. He stole a piece of land to protect his second brother and made it his home.

Flattered, the youngest turned upon his oldest brother. He was trying to take control of the family. Fight ensued and the youngest brother made enemy the boss of neighbor village. He was beaten by the boss and the house also was set on fire.

The youngest brother then changed and devoted in commerce under protection by the boss and succeeded. However, the second bother was facing a tragedy.

The second brother had a twin brother who had run away from home and flew to northern region. The twin brother generated a fight. The second brother was engaged in a bloody fight with the twin brother and was rescued by the boss. But the oldest brother involved in the fight and bullied the second brother. The oldest brother and the boss had hated each other and so was in a close relationship with the northern region guy.

Back then, the youngest brother gave a blind eye to the fight and only concentrated on growing his business. Still he helped the second brother on the side of the boss. And after a long conversation, he reconciled with the second brother and cooperated in rebuilding the devastated house. The second brother had a deep grudge but cooperated with the youngest brother who became rich and rebuilt the house.

After some time, the youngest brother reconciled with the oldest brother. The oldest had to maintain close ties with the youngest to escape from poverty and secret affair thus continued. The youngest brother maintained good relationship with this older brothers while the two were against each other. He reflected on his past wrongdoings and made apology and believed he was making efforts for the peace of family.

Time flew and the oldest and second brother reconciled. The oldest, on the back of inborn fitness and capability grew the business and surpassed the younger brother. He became a more trustworthy person to the youngest brother than the second.

Meanwhile, the youngest brother was very prideful of himself and since he was always demanded to reflect on himself, he made repulsive words and made his older brothers frustrated. There was a quarrel over the land ownership and the two older brothers came to have a bitter relationship with the youngest and talked about the past.

Though the older brothers had wounds that had yet to be mended, the youngest also had a scar since he was always told to apologize. "Until when do I have to apologize? I reconciled and cooperated."

The oldest brother wanted to regain past glories after he was succeeding in business, coupled with hard physical training, started to get resistance from people within and outside the village. The youngest wanted to stand against his oldest brother and told the boss that he will be there for him in crisis. The youngest had promised not to fight again but changed and his older brothers started to caution against him again.

Around that time, the oldest brother visited the second son`s home. The youngest hated this but the twin brother also was not fond of it. The latter two suddenly got close to each other.

People tend to remember well sufferings caused by others but easily forget what wound they did to others or what favor they got from others. In this regard, the second brother demonstrated generosity to the oldest and if that was all he did this would be what the oldest brother wanted. If the second brother had shown the same generosity to the youngest and led amicable relationship among the three brothers, the second brother could deserve more credit. The next story of conflict of the three brothers will be examined later.