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Messi’s timely assist enables Argentina to win over Switzerland

Messi’s timely assist enables Argentina to win over Switzerland

Posted July. 03, 2014 07:18,   


○ Lionel Messi of Argentina – The idol star

Messi (169 centimeters) received more acclaims than any others on the day. Displaying his glaring signature foot skills in front of spectators, Messi simply outmaneuvered Swiss players. When he caught the ball, fans at the spectators’ stand cheered wildly and photographed him amid flashlights en masse. Switzerland attempted to tie up Messi’s feet by using pressure defense, which was hardly successful. He virtually did not join defense, and leisurely walked across the ground as if taking a walk, but was strong in seizing chances. When in possession of the ball, he easily dribbled through one or two fullbacks, and gave his teammates chances to play. He also assisted Di Maria to score the finishing goal. Messi was named the most valuable player in the match of the day. MVP is selected through a vote of soccer fans. He has received MVP awards for four consecutive matches, including group matches, at this year’s World Cup. Shyly smiling, Messi said, “I don`t know whether I deserved this one or not.”

○ Ángel Di María of Argentina – The main character

Di Maria ran throughout the ground on the day. Nicknamed “Tall Messi,” Di Maria (180 centimeters) tried to penetrate Switzerland’s defense on both sides. He also constantly kicked crosses, giving his teammates chances to shoot. He was always like No. 2 player not only in his national team but also in his professional team (Real Madrid). He was outshined by Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) in his pro team and Messi in his national team. Di Maria only had four goals at the Primera Liga in the last season, but had as many as 17 assists, the most in the league. However, of the 22 effective shootings Argentina recorded on the day, Di Maria accounted for 10. Having strived to emerge as the main character, he ended up shining out with his finishing goal of the match.

○ Serogio Romero of Argentina - Worrisome teammate

Goalie Romero of Argentina is the player who would be criticized the most among his team members if the team lost. When Switzerland was launching counterattack at the 38th minute in the first half, he faced off one-on-one with a Swiss striker. According to golden rules, he should have instantly run forward to deal with the ball, or narrowed his distance with the striker. However, he backed off a bit after moving forward, almost allowing a goal. Also, while trying to catch the ball, he almost missed it and had it bounced off his leg, putting the team in jeopardy. He was the lone loophole of Team Argentina on the day. A reporter with the Argentinian media said, “Due to Romero I feel anxious even if the ball just comes close to the goal post.”

○ Josip Drmic of Switzerland – enemy on shaky ground

Drmic, who started as Switzerland’s one-top striker, committed errors at every decisive moment, dampening Switzerland’s offensive. In a one-on-one encounter with the goalie, he presented powerless shot that was comfortably embraced by the goalie, perplexing the Swiss cheering squad. At the fifth minute in the second half, he erroneously shot over the goal post an immaculate cross from his teammate Xherdan Shaqiri. After the match, instead of revealing sense of disappointment, he remarked, “Today, Di Mario’s play was fantastic. I am his enthusiastic fan,” earning additional criticism.

○ Gonzalo Gerardo Higuaín - supporting character with weak presence

Higuaín, a world-class striker, ran as much as 13.2 kilometers, the longest among Argentinian players. However, few remember what he did on the day, as he displayed little presence on the day.