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Competition for ruling party leadership heats up

Posted June. 25, 2014 03:34,   


Ruling Saenuri Party members Suh Chung-won and Kim Moo-sung, who are the leading candidates for party leadership have devised "three strategies for victory" for the July 14 Saenuri Party convention. They are meant to complement weak points and boost strong ones.

Suh, a key confidant of President Park Geun-hye, plans to focus on raising recognition as a pro-Park force. His candidacy campaign will stress "loyalty “that has become a popular buzzword these days. He aims to emphasize that he has continuously maintained a pro-Park stance despite passing through times of suffering.

Suh`s another weapon is "responsibility." On the back of experience as having been a seven time parliament member, he will emphasize that he is the man who can recover relationship with the opposition parties while communing with the Presidential Office.

The mind of members pitches and rolls when the election day approaches. The Suh aides believe that people will naturally be more aware that President Park`s minds are tilted toward Suh. One key official said Tuesday, "We can`t outspokenly promote marketing that President Park is on Suh`s side, but will make efforts to spread the mood that the president prefers Suh the most."

The aides of Rep. Kim, a leader of the non-mainstream faction, will concentrate on "past vs. future" strategy. He believes that by saying Suh is a past figure, he can emphasize he is the right person for the future innovation of the party.

At a press conference at the National Assembly, Kim said, "Though we can`t deny the past, we still can`t move forward embracing long-accumulated old conventions and evils," and proposed the creation of a clean convention committee to lead the future framework. Kim also presented future visions including a party that protects people`s life and safety, and a democratic party where members, not minority powers, become the owner.

The Kim aides will also emphasize that he can back up President Park`s success. This is intended to wipe out speculations that Kim, if elected, will stand in opposition with the Presidential Office. Kim said, "I will help the party to support the president`s national affairs promotion with a stance that the party shares common destiny with the government."