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Those who gain recognition in Korea work globally

Posted June. 11, 2014 04:40,   


Sweden`s home appliance manufacturer Electrolux has recently released its new fine dust vacuum cleaner "UltraFlex" in Korea. The launch in Korea has been made earlier than any other country since its R&D workers studied and analyzed Korean housewives` house cleaning methods for five years.

The researchers got idea from Korean housewives who are particularly sensitive to fine dust and tend to clean every nook and corner. They came to develop a thin nozzle that can clean tiny spaces where a golf ball can enter, as well as a nozzle that eliminates fine dust effectively. Electrolux will observe the sales trend in Korea first and will make inroads into the markets of China, Australia and European countries within this year.

Global consumer goods companies are meticulously targeting the Korean market. The reason is that Korean consumers are especially detailed, and leveling their needs would guarantee success elsewhere. Korea is seen as a test bed as it is ahead of trend and technology.

French cookware manufacturer Le Creuset started to sell early this month a yellow-green pot and dish in Korea, the first country to sell them in Asia. They chose the color from the traditional multicolored paintwork on Korea`s ancient palaces and temples.

Le Creuset is paying attention to Korean consumers who are increasingly taking interest in tableware as their income rises. The French company is especially taking note of Korean kitchens that are transforming into a gallery of tableware. Le Creuset plans to launch oriental square plates similar to those of Korean side dishes as well as a grill for samgyeopsal, or grilled pork.

There are also cases of reverse exporting services made from Korea`s technology to the headquarters. Starbucks Korea recently introduced a "Siren Order" service by which a person who orders beverage through smartphone can receive it in the store. The service was the result of Starbucks Korea`s three-year development, which was possible due to the country`s high smartphone penetration rate. Starbucks Korea said, "Starbucks headquarters in the U.S. are also examining the introduction of a similar system within this year."