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SpaceX CEO unveiled new spacecraft carrier

Posted June. 02, 2014 07:07,   


The founder of commercial spacecraft company SpaceX has unveiled the company`s latest spacecraft intended to take astronauts into low-earth orbit.

According to news outlets, SpaceX would showcase the Dragon V2, a taxi shuttling between the earth and the International Space Station, within two years. As a co-founder of X.com, which is now PayPal, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is also the CEO of Tesla who has drawn attention with “Model S,” an electric sports car.

The Dragon V2, a capsule-shaped space shuttle, is designed to carry seven people and four tons of cargo. The California-based rocket maker says that the SpaceX craft will be able to land anywhere on earth thanks to its landing legs and a rocket will enable it to re-enter the earth orbit. It can be reused as well.

The U.S. can go to the International Space Station only with Russia’s Soyuz rocket. Russian aircraft takes American astronauts to space at nearly 76 million U.S. dollars per ticket. But according to Musk, Dragon V2 will be able to save the cost below 20 million dollars per ticket.

Since 2012, SpaceX`s unmanned cargo spacecraft Dragon has carried cargos to the International Space Station. Last month, it brought around 1,587 kilograms of cargo back to the earth.

Musk said that SpaceX spent one billion dollars to develop Dragon and Dragon V2.