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Seoul City creates workplaces for the homeless

Posted May. 20, 2014 05:22,   


In June this year, “common workplaces for the homeless” will be set up in areas where the homeless are concentrated such as Seoul Station and Yeongdeungpo Station. The purpose of the project is to change the habit of the homeless who drink alcohol in groups and beg the passers-by for money by instilling a willingness to stand up on their own feet into their mind.

The Seoul metropolitan government announced the “2014 Comprehensive Job Plan for the Homeless” on Monday. Existing “emergency rescue rooms” will be used for a common workplace, which will be in front of stations. When the homeless people visit these places, they can immediately participate in simple work such as sewing or making paper bags. Instead of compensating them in a monthly pay for being engaged in public projects, the government will try to pay them 100 won (10 cents) as soon as they make one shopping bag.

A source from the city government said, “Given the nature of the homeless, we will pay them immediately even if they work a little, which will be our first attempt. Some criticize that they would spend the money for drinking, but we will encourage them to feel rewarded from working.”

The city government has decided to encourage the homeless back to the society by increasing the rate of their participation in working up to 50 percent this year. As of the end of last year, the number of the homeless in downtown Seoul totaled at 4,486. Among them, 46.8 percent or 2,100 homeless people participated in working. This year, the government will create 900 public jobs for the homeless.