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If you ride space shuttle with wife

Posted March. 29, 2014 05:02,   


Let’s imagine riding a space shuttle with your wife. Imagine how your wife would behave the moment the shuttle gets out of the earth’s atmosphere. Probably she will take out her mobile phone and take pictures of the earth. Then, she will upload them on her social network. “I am in the space right now.”

If you cannot imagine this, you can try this experiment. Let’s go camping as groups of couples. Let’s designate one person in the company as photographer, and then review photo collection of happy memories. While their husbands grill beef, the wives will take pictures of their husbands cooking or manipulate their mobile phones in nine out of 10 cases. Many males also use SNS, but they are no match to women who take painstaking efforts.

Women’s mobile phone pictures draw attention from their friends the moment they are uploaded on SNS. Flurries of comments are posted in a matter of minutes. Those women change the flagship photos of their SNS pages several times a day, enjoying such enthusiastic response.

This is the kind of women’s behavior that is hard to understand from the standpoint of the husband, especially those who consider manhood as virtue. Men wonder while thinking it is okay to do something you like, why people should care about others’ attention and interests. What they cannot understand is that women care more about what they would look like to their friends at distance, rather than enjoy the moment at present when they grill and sample beef.

At a phase when they become close to each other already, men tend to think that staying with the woman itself generates affection and sympathy adequate enough for their relationship. However, this is not the case for women. To women, what is important is not “what they do together.” Rather than “simply being together,” women sometimes measure the intensity of men’s affection with this.

This is the origin of “event-focused practice” in all different activities, a phenomenon unique to women. For this reason, they should go to somewhere at any cost. They expect males to create events and take them to such events. They have to go to movies even though they can conveniently download online and watch on TV at home. Women dream about visiting Sydney in Australia to appreciate in a way different from others operas that they can watch from the comfort of their couch.

The reason for this is that "experience" is just as important as contents to women. Among women, experience unique to them holds special value that accords them sense of superiority over others. By sharing their own unique experience via SNS and thus verify their friends’ sense of envy, they reaffirm their own sense of existence.

It is very interesting to borrow American psychologist Abraham Maslow’s five stages of desire and apply them to women. Maslow explains that humans seek the desire to ease hunger, secure safety, win sympathy, and realize themselves in phases, and when they get satisfied with one thing, they come to desire something at a higher level. However, women pursue their own methods special to them.

Women want one thing but everything at the same time. With food ready before them, they are mindful of sympathy and reputation as well. That`s why it is so difficult to meet women’s expectations.