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Ukrainian couple`s tearful wedding at Crimean airbase

Posted March. 25, 2014 05:55,   


With pro-Russian forces surrounding the Belbek Airbase in southwestern Crimean Peninsula, a Ukraine Navy serviceman and servicewoman, who had guarded the airbase to the last moment, held a "tearful wedding ceremony" on Saturday.

Communications officer Ivan Benera and Medic Galina Volosyanchik of the Ukraine Air Force held their wedding ceremony at Belbek Airbase near Sevastopol. They had been guarding the airbase even after the pro-Russian forces that surrounded the base gave ultimatum “to leave.”

When the couple exchanged gift and bouquet of flowers, Belbek base commander Yuliy Mamchur, who officiated at the ceremony, said, “Always remember this, the whole world is here watching.” Receiving the flowers, the bride burst into tears, and the couple marched through the base with hand in hand. Their colleague servicemen and women toasted with Champaign, and danced to congratulate the wedding.

However, it took no time for the celebrative mood to be replaced with chaotic situation. Armed troops escorted by Russian armored vehicles rammed through the main gate, detonated explosives, and opened fire to occupy the base.