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Homeless Hungarian wins lottery jackpot with final few coins

Homeless Hungarian wins lottery jackpot with final few coins

Posted February. 19, 2014 05:19,   


A homeless Hungarian man hit lottery jackpot with his last few coins.

Laszlo Andraschek was a homeless resident of Gyor, north-west Hungary. U.K. media Guardian reported Sunday that he had been unnoticed until he made a significant donation to a hostel construction for the homeless in Hungary.

According to Guardian, the 55-year-old won a 630 million Hungarian forint (2.8 million U.S. dollars) in last September. In debt and living on the streets in Hungary, he spent his final remaining coins on a lottery ticket. He was on his way for a workshop for recovering alcoholics.

Andraschek has since paid off the debts, bought a car and flats for each of his three children, and also paid off his relatives` debts. He is planning to travel to Italy.

He said he will invest the money cautiously and avoid the ruinous spending splurges of many lottery winners. "I have become rich but I have not become a different person. I could buy a large-screen TV because I can afford it, but I won`t buy three because I can afford it."