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Video of dentist beating elderly patient goes viral on Web

Video of dentist beating elderly patient goes viral on Web

Posted October. 27, 2012 06:06,   


A video of a 36-year-old dentist beating a 65-year-old female patient in Korea went viral on the Internet Friday.

Taken at a dental clinic in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, the footage first showed the patient protesting to the dentist, pointing at the part where she had been treated and then slapping him in the face. The dentist slapped her back before pushing her to the ground and getting on top of her to beat her. He continued to beat her for a while despite efforts by his staff to stop him.

Both the patient and the dentist are suing each other for assault. Suwon police say the dentist filed a lawsuit against the patient Wednesday for obstruction of business and assault, claiming that she slapped him in the face twice and hurt him on the face and neck in the struggle that occurred around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday.

The patient claimed that she was angry because the dentist had pulled out one of her teeth without telling her. She said she slapped him in the face because he swore at her and that he pushed her to a corner and beat her. She also filed a lawsuit against him Friday.

Reportedly, a relative of the patient recorded a TV screen on a cell phone while watching surveillance TV footage of the scene taken by a camera at the clinic.

In the face of wide condemnation from Internet users, the dentist posted a message online saying the patient, who received dental implants from him in April last year, had been harassing him though he gave her free treatment after the procedure. "Knowing that I had bimaxillary and eyelid surgery, she hit me on the face first," he said. "I felt my life was being threatened."

The patient`s daughter countered with a post saying the dentist had beaten the patient after she protested why he had pulled the tooth.