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Land Ministry to strengthen mgmt. of Korea`s sea borders

Land Ministry to strengthen mgmt. of Korea`s sea borders

Posted April. 06, 2012 06:02,   

Updated January. 01, 1970 09:00


The government is pursuing a law to strengthen management of sovereign waters around the Dokdo islets and Ieo Island and expand the number of organizations to that end, the Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs Ministry said Thursday.

The ministry will pursue a bill on the management of maritime territory to actively respond to territorial disputes with neighboring countries that arise due to lack of sea boundaries. The bill will be submitted to the National Assembly as early as June.

If the bill is signed into law, the ministry will classify Korea’s jurisdictional sea areas, including waters whose boundaries have yet to be confirmed, according to function and establish comprehensive plans for each sea area. Other measures will seek to enhance execution of domestic laws for each sea area on which disputes with neighboring countries frequently occur and to use the Korea Coast Guard to tighten maritime security.

Maritime police bases will also set up. The islands of Daecheong, Oecheong and Heuksan are candidate sites for the bases, and the expenses will be reflected in the government budget from next year.

Maritime police will use the bases to swiftly deal with illegal fishing, conduct regular security operations, and escort maritime science research vessels.

In addition, the Land Ministry established a maritime territory department for dealing with sea border matters.