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“Let’s Protect Goguryeo!”

Posted August. 17, 2004 21:52,   


Fever to “Recognize History Correctly”-

Younglak-hoi, an organization established in 1974 after the King Gwanggaeto’s yeonho (era names used by Korean empires) in order to pay tribute to his achievements, started a project to extend its branch offices, currently only in Seoul, Daegu, Ulnas, Pohang, and Pusan, nationwide.

Younglak-hoi is a non-government organization consisting of a few hundred people such as professors, doctors, legal professionals, and businessmen.

Chairman Choi Sung-hae, also the president of Dongyang University in Youngju, North Kyongsang Province, said, “We plan to launch a movement for the correct understanding of the Goguryeo history, targeting the whole nation.”

The Institute for Traditional Korean Culture Studies in Cheonan, South Choongnam Province organized a youth group in its institute last October, and since then, has been working to find the truths regarding the Chinese distortion of Goguryeo history.

This institute is leading people to logical responses by introducing academic articles criticizing the history distortion and historians’ lectures held in the institute through its website (www.kookhakwon.org) and an internet café called “Goguryeo Jikimee (protector).”

The Civil Association for Traditional Korean Culture and the Citizen’s Solidarity for the Correct Understanding of Our History decided to have an assembly to denounce the Chinese government’s distortion of Goguryeo history later in this month, followed by a national relay event the next day.

The city of Choongju, North Choongcheong Province, where the Joongwon Goguryeo monolith, the only Goguryeo monolith remaining in Korea now, is located, plans to hold an “Academic Seminar of Goguryeo” as well as a “Special Exhibition of Goguryeo Culture” during the Choongju International Martial Arts festival (October 1 through 7). The Seocho-gu ward office of Seoul city also opened a special counter to teach Goguryeo history on the first floor of its building

Responses of Academic Circles and Universities to the History Distortion-

The Korea Federation of Teacher’s Associations (KFTA) and the Korean Teachers and Educational Worker’s Union (KTEW) decided to cooperate together to provide classes for students to learn the correct Goguryeo history.

The KFTA and the KTEW said on Tuesday, “Our two organizations agreed to work together to prepare class materials. We will decide on the timing of starting the classes and the methods to be used after consulting each other.”

The two groups plan to start writing class materials as soon as possible.

Forty professors in Kwangju, South Jeolla Province, also decided to launch the “Research Center of History and Culture Studies” next month that will systematically study ancient histories, including Goguryeo history. Then they will work to educate people about correct histories through academic seminars.

A history teachers’ meeting in Kwangju decided to develop video materials on CDs to be used in history classes.

Fever to “Correct History” Online, Too-

Nationwide, large bookstores are providing special display corners featuring “Goguryeo History Sections” as sales of books on Goguryeo have significantly increased since last month.

Netizen fever to correct distorted history has become hot online as well.

Suggestions like: “Let’s make a movie based on a thoroughly researched and approved scenario, and distribute the movie to international market,” or “let the entire nation wear a Goguryeo t-shirt like we wore red t-shirts during the World Cup” were posted on an internet portal site.

Many people have been posting their opinions on the Bank of Korea homepage, suggesting using King Gwanggaeto as a character on a bill when a new paper bill is made as a response to the Chinese distortion of Goguryeo history.

Netizens have showered their requests for stronger measures on the homepages of government offices such as Cheong Wa Dae, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Ministry of Unification. Some citizens suggested a break in diplomatic relations with China and restoring them with Taiwan and boycotting goods made in China, as well as launching candlelight demonstrations.

Choi Yong-tae, a social study professor at Chonnam National University, said, “We need to approach this issue in a logical and rational manner rather than coping with it emotionally if we are going to correct the wrong Chinese view of Goguryeo history. We need to cooperate with sensible Chinese scholars and civil groups to correct historical facts.”