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'80s star Kang Seok-woo becomes 'ambassador to classical music'

'80s star Kang Seok-woo becomes 'ambassador to classical music'

Posted March. 17, 2017 07:13,   

Updated March. 17, 2017 07:19

Popular movie actor, celebrity, and broadcaster Kang Seok-woo recently wrote a book titled “Kang Seok-woo’s Youth Classic.” The book, along with classical music pieces, is a compilation of his thoughts, ideas, and memories told during his 9 a.m. CBS radio music program “To My Beautiful” since 2015.

In a way, his book is also Kang’s journal and essay at the same time. Kang wrote down daily slice of life episodes such as a poor middle school student who loved music but had to glare at the instruments displayed on the show windows, and a sensing a generation difference between father and son while observing the popular mobile game “Pokemon Go.” His episodes are coupled with classical music pieces and albums, which Kang deems as the best songs to go with those sentiments. In addition, QR codes were included so that readers can quickly listen to his recommended music pieces before that sentiment fades away.

“Just like other genres, I think classic is also an art enjoyed and felt. That is why I introduced pieces, which fit with my sentiments and thoughts, and encouraged readers to listen to them right away on their smartphones," the 60-year-old DJ said. "I wanted to share that happy feeling when you fall into a deep sleep as you recollect your past memories while listening to classical music.”

“There are fellow actors and actresses who deem acting as their calling and wish to die on the stage, but I seem to be a person who finds happiness chasing a lot of hares at once. I find myself fulfilled with happiness when I constantly move on to act, deejay, and write.” Kang said on his versatile appearances as an actor, celebrity, and radio DJ. “In some ways, the life I enjoy now seems far better off than my acting years when endurance was a given thing as a professional actor.”

Won-Joo Lee takeoff@donga.com