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'The Minjoo suggested sharing districts,' says Shim Sang-jung

'The Minjoo suggested sharing districts,' says Shim Sang-jung

Posted March. 31, 2016 07:04,   

Updated March. 31, 2016 07:12


Justice Party Chairman Shim Sang-jung asserted that what stopped talks of unification of candidates between Justice Party and The Minjoo Party is The Minjoo Party's suggestion of 'sharing districts'.

"The Minjoo requested that Park Won-suk (Gyeonggi Suwon Jeong) be excluded from the election in exchange for letting me run alone in my district (Gyeonggi Goyang Gap)," Shim noted on Wednesday at Gwanhun Club where she was invited as a special guest. She added, "Justice Party is not working for The Minjoo Party. Asking to exclude such a competitive candidate shows a lack of the basic understanding of alliance." Jeong Jang-sun, Chairman of the General Election Planning Committee of The Minjoo Party, who made the suggestion to Shim, explained, "All I asked was to include Gyeonggi Suwon Jeong in the election."

Shim has made critical remarks towards the big three parties for three straight days. She criticized Saenuri Party which recently went through an internal disturbance by saying, "(Saenuri Party) has been overrun by political profiteers." She commented on The Minjoo Party as well by saying, "(The Minjoo Party) has given up being the clear-cut opposition party that the public wants and is becoming rightist." She stated, "The Minjoo Party Chairman Kim Jong-in needs to clearly explain why the chairman of the strongest opposition party would mention the annihilation of North Korea." She called People's Party, whose slogan is 'overcoming the bipartisan system', an "imitation of The Minjoo Party"

Shim stated that the Justice Party's goal from this general elections is to secure over 20 seats, which is the minimal requirement to form a floor negotiation group. "We expect to secure more than six proportional representative seats from 15 percent of party voting," she said. "Our candidates are fully competitive. We will do our best to secure at least 10 percent approval rating and 10 seats."

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