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Nov. 1, 2014 / Updated 03:36
Hate Practice
Visiting German minister criticizes N. K.`s nuclear ambition
Germany`s Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Friday directly criticized North Korea`s policy of pursuing both nuclear and economic development, saying that the North cannot develop its economy and maintain...
Battle over N. Korean human rights
Kim Hye-sook, 53, who spent 28 years at a notorious North Korean concentration camp, testifies on the human rights situation in the communist state at a special forum at the U.N. headquarters in New York on Wednesday;...
First book of Tarantino interviews published in Korea
When asked which director you like the most, Quentin Tarantino is one great option. Because his name is good to give an impression that you are a ‘cool movie fan’ who loves sense of humor and kitsch culture. If you are...
Opening of major N. K.-China bridge `indefinitely delayed`
The opening of a major new bridge linking North Korea and China has been "indefinitely delayed," China`s state-run Global Times reported Friday, blaming the North for failing to build facilities for its part of the...
Erroneous Korean SAT question likely to cause damages lawsuits
Students victimized by the problem and education officials have welcomed the court decision ruling that a world geography question in last year`s state-administered university entrance examination was faulty. ...
Single elderly man dies, leaving food money for caretakers
Lotte Giants appoint Lee Jong-un as new manager
What to watch in the K-League Classic
Defense Ministry did not clear general of false accusation
New manager needs to find new talent
(2014 World Series) Kansas City crushes San Francisco 10-0
Can SK pitcher Kim join U.S. Major League Baseball?
Kim Ki-tae named new manager of Kia Tigers
3 Sewol disaster bills passed; time to return normality
The ruling and opposition parties approved yesterday,...
Dutch king`s remarks on history in Japan
King of Netherlands’ Remarks on History When hearing...
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