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Nov. 30, 2015 / Updated 07:20
Hate Practice
Ahn rejects his party leader’s proposal, urging for resignation
Rep. Ahn Cheol-soo of the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy proposed to select a new party leader through an “innovative party convention” in January on Sunday. He practically rejected a proposal on a...
Lee Sang-hoon sets to return to LG as pitching coach
There is a legendary pitcher who was widely known as "Eternal flame on the mound; the heart of the LG Twins" among Twins fans. Fans would also call him "wild horse" since he had long waving hair that looked like a...
KT, Kakao become the first Internet-only banks
“K-Bank (tentative name)” of KT Corp. and “Kakao Bank (tentative)” of Kakao Corp. have won a license for Internet-only bank. Based on a review by external evaluation committee last weekend, the financial regulator held...
WSJ: ‘Korea overcomes preference for boys through education’
With imbalance in male and female populations serious worldwide, the world is paying attention to the secret of how Korea achieved a balance of populations between the two genders. In a report entitled “Asia Struggles...
Pres. Park offers condolences to the deceased Kim Young-sam
President Park Geun-hye bowed three times when the coffin of the late President Kim Young-sam was borne out on Thursday. Unable to attend the funeral at the National Assembly due to high fever and cough, President Park...
The era of personal transportation mobility device comes closer
Would humans ever want to walk when they can have a platform to roll over the road? One-man means of transportation, including bicycles, skate boards, etc., are increasingly being upgraded by combining with information...
Environment Ministry issues recall on 125,000 Volkswagen cars
Painting of Buddhist Goddess of Mercy from 16th century found
Female teenage Austrian IS member killed after escape attempt
Samsung chief`s daughter Lee Seo-hyun to deliver speech at an int`l event
Pres. Park to attend Climate Change summit in Paris on Sunday
NC Dinos slugger Eric Thames wins MVP in Korean baseball
U.S. refusal on fighter jet technology transfer might signal cracks in alliance with S. Korea
Pianist Kim Sun-wook releases Beethoven sonata album
Korea should benefit from the new climate system
Paris saw the opening of the 21st Conference of...
Potential of Korean delivery service apps
“I’m really impressed by the `People of Delivery,` an...
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